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Topic: Miraslav lowers his prices

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    Miraslav lowers his prices

    Ive seen quite a few post over the years by people interested in the Miraslav library in giga format but wish the prices were lower .
    Here a new ad from Sweetwater.com ,the cost of the library is 50 percent off.
    Still seems high to me for a old library in this new day and time, but for some that have been waiting for it maybe its your time to buy.

    The Master Set
    Miroslav v2 Master Set Giga Format All Access Card
    Get a The Master Set for as little as:
    Apply Today!

    Other Payment Options

    Sweetwater ItemID: v2masterg
    Retail: $3,899.00
    Your Price: $1,990.00
    You Save: $1,909.00

    Description Be the first to review this product

    Standard-Setting Orchestra for GigaStudio
    The Master set includes: Solo Instruments I, Solo Instruments II, String Ensembles, Woodwind and Brass Ensemble, Classical Percussion and Harp

    Miroslav Vitous - Solo Instruments I
    This disk contains Bassclarinet, Bassoon, Basstrombone, Clarinet, Contrabassoon, Trombone, Trumpet, Viola, and Violoncello. All in the highest quality, and very expressive. This is the first of two Solo Instrument disks, which are a must for anyone wishing to emulate orchestral solo performance.

    Miroslav Vitous - Solo Instruments II
    This disk contains Alto flute, Contrabass, English horn, Flute, French horn, Oboe, Piccolo, Tuba, and Violin. This is the second Solo Instrument disk, which again contains the most expressive and musical orchestral samples on the market today.

    Miroslav Vitous - String Ensembles
    This huge undertaking contains 11 Violins, 23 Violins, 4 Violas, 4 Violoncellos 10 Violoncellos, and 9 Contrabasses. Playing styles include: Vibrato, No Vibrato, Mute, Detache, Pizzicato, Staccato, Sul Ponty, Sul Ponty Tremolo, with various speeds and velocities for the ultimate performance in String sampling.

    Miroslav Vitous - Woodwind and Brass Ensembles
    This disk contains 3 Flutes, 3 Bassoons, 3 Clarinets, 3 Oboes, 3 Trombones, 3 Trumpets, and 4 French horns. All the ensembles you will need, to complete the Symphonic Orchestra Samples. Expressive and musical with the highest sound quality.

    Miroslav Vitous - Classical Percussion and Harp
    This disk contains classical percussion and harp with a few extras included. There are too many to list here. This disk rounds out the Symphonic Orchestra Samples with beautifully recorded instruments that will cut through your mix with impact. All recorded and edited with one thing in mind . To achieve the most realistic classical sounds for orchestral applications.

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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    About flippin\' time the price came down! Depressing thinking I paid $700 for Mini Loop back 5-6 years ago. Oh well.


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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    You know, it\'s not really that great of a price reduction. The set has been $2600 at ilio.com for a while, and audiomidi.com has it for $2,249.00.

    By the way, audiomidi.com has the MSRP at $2,495.00

    So why then is sweetwater saying that the retail is $3,899.00? Are they, perhaps, trying to act like they\'re being more generous than they really are, and discounting it $1890?

    Its only come down about $300 that I can tell.



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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    I think I paid around $700 for the mini library as well and never liked it. I just loaded it up again and to me it doesn\'t sound much better then a digital version of a mellotron. Not very expresive at all. The Westgate Library blows the Mini Miraslov out of the water for woodwinds. Now with 2 major competing symphonic libraries they may need to revamp their set.

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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    If MV was 1/3 of the actual price, I wouldn\'t call it a scam, I would just call it a poor library.

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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    I\'ve never used Miroslav\'s library, but I\'ve heard that it\'s the best sounding, most expressive library for the *size*. So, maybe if the whole thing were 1k, people who can\'t afford 4-6 comps for VSL or EWQLSO could use it on just their one computer very effectively.

    Perhaps its the most ideal library for use on a laptop?

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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    Right on target JudasCloud!
    If it was at the right price, it would be a nice thing for people starting out who can\'t afford some of the new sounds. Still one of the more expressive libraries but that expression can also make it hard to use.

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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    Wow, you guys bash this quite a bit - The demos I\'ve heard from this library have some wonderful character. Particularly the strings and brass. Although Miroslavs demos aren\'t exactly super, they showed some nice potential. I just wish it wasn\'t so expensive, as I would purchase the strings (which is what, like 1,700? I\'m probably wrong).

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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    MV is now priced in the range of VSL and EWQLSO. I think MV should be about the same price as AO, because it\'s even older then AO.

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    Re: Miraslav lowers his prices

    I totally agree that Miro is pretty much on par with AO, and even $1,990.00 is about $1590 too much for what you\'re getting, especially in light of what\'s available today. This price reduction is laughable because it\'s about three or four years overdue and still too little too late.

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