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Topic: Sonar Tempo Problems

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    Sonar Tempo Problems

    I\'ve got a march (Marionettes on Parade) I\'ve written in cut time. Since the nature of it is a \'circus\' march (band people, you know the type I\'m talking about), I wrote the score in Finale with half=160. Well, when I exported the .mid to Sonar for editing and recording, it counts the quarter note beats (i.e. 320) but the tempo tool caps at 250 thus making the song too slow to record.

    Does anyone know of a way around this, either by telling me how to raise the tempo cap, or a way to force Sonar to count halves as the beat?

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    Re: Sonar Tempo Problems


    On the menue, select View, and scroll to Meter/Key. Double click the initial value (probably only one in the list). Select 2/2 instead of 4/4, and see if this helps.

    If not...

    Select ALL the note data.
    On the menu select Process and scroll to Length.
    Check both \"starting time\" and \"note length\" and choose 50% in the spinner box.

    This will make everything half as long, i.e., twice as fast.

    One of the two will get you going.

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    Re: Sonar Tempo Problems

    Excellent -- I appreciate Bruce.

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