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Topic: Begining the quest....HW vs SW to replace C7

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    Begining the quest....HW vs SW to replace C7

    hi -- i learned of this conference through the digidesign user conference. i searched this conference for information on hardware vs. software samplers, and basically, it seems this conference is dedicated to the software side of things. but i\'m hoping you\'d indulge me for a moment, and if you feel there\'s a better source for this, i welcome your input there as well.

    i recently purchased a digi002 and apple ibook to do some recording at home. i\'ve been recording with my yamaha c7 (which i love), but unfortunately, will be moving to smaller place soon and will have to part with the c7.

    i\'ve heard some phenomenal c7 samples on this site, but they require giga. and my concern there is that i\'m looking for a single solution that will allow me to play out live as well as to record at home. giga on a pc doesn\'t seem to be the right \"live\" solution -- though i could possibly see dedicating a pc as my \"piano\" for home recording.

    perhaps if there were a laptop configuration, that might be better suited for live play, but i\'m under the impression that this isn\'t do-able.

    any suggestions you have either on hardware samplers that can recreate these fantastic piano sounds (i really can\'t believe what i\'m hearing here!!!), or perhaps a laptop solution for giga would be most appreciated!


    steve mcconnell

    ps -- i\'m not an orchestral composer as many of you seem to be. i\'m just sort of \"stuck in the 70s\" and that singer/songwriter genre and write what i call \"new songs of the 70s\" that have that same feel (well, to me anyway...). but even though i\'m not the world\'s best pianist, i\'ve been spoiled by the beauty of the c7. i use kurzweil\'s \"micro piano\" sound module live, but even though i\'m told it\'s \"sampled\", i think it sounds weak -- especially compared with some of the samples i\'ve heard here. i use some sonic reality sampled pianos through sampletank with my digi002 setup and they\'re sort of ok tucked in a mix, but obviously they\'re not intended to be anywhere near as realistic as the larger samples. would greatly appreciate your insights!

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    Re: Begining the quest....HW vs SW to replace C7

    I\'m currently running Giga 160 on a (virtually obsolete) 500 MHz PIII Dell Latitude Cpx with 512Meg of memory and an Echo Indigo sound card. It works quite well actually and I am able to get 150 or simultaneous piano voices (I use the PMI Bosie almost exclusively). For midi I use the cheap Midiman USB-to-midi pod. I\'m running Windows XP and 512Meg is a necessity for the PMI. I would recommend the Hitachi 07N9482 2.5 inch drive for its 5400 rpm spindle speed and 8 meg cache. I\'ve used it live a few times and its always behaved very well.

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    Re: Begining the quest....HW vs SW to replace C7

    I run GigaStudio on a four-space rackmount machine, which serves as my keyboard rig on gigs. I also run all of the NI software synth/samplers on this rig.

    It is easily the most trouble free and easy keyboard rig I have ever owned. I consistently am set up and ready before anyone else in the group, and happily loading up full banks for the show, having a frosty spirited beverage, and practicing in headphones while others are still stringing cable.

    The single bad incident I have had, was that the NI B4 installation chose 10 minutes before a funk gig to \"beg\" for the installation CD. I had unfortunately neglected to pack it that one single time--and had to play the gig on Pro-53, which was close but no cigar.

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    Re: Begining the quest....HW vs SW to replace C7

    I use Gigasamples at home to record and practice with on a relatively low spec PC. But live, I use my new trusty Yamaha CLP170. Flick a switch and you\'re playing. With a giga setup, I\'d have to cart a laptop, probably an external HD, controller keyboard and separate amplification around with me, not to mention cables and extra power adaptors. My digital is a complete solution that requires no set up and less likely to go wrong or be missing some vital \'bit\' that I\'ve left at home. But its no substitute for a C7 - dont sell it!!! No matter how good the gigasamples are for recording purposes, they\'ll NEVER come close to a real piano (even a cheap one).

    All the best,

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    Re: Begining the quest....HW vs SW to replace C7

    thanks folks.

    sjduck -- you really carry around a 200 lb. digital piano?? i think i\'d rather deal with a pc! :-)

    i\'m thinking i may just upgrade the windows pc we have now that my wife bought a new pc and perhaps dedicate that as my \"studio piano\" and just live with less-than-perfect live sounds.

    thanks again for your advice.


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    Re: Begining the quest....HW vs SW to replace C7

    I have a laptop with a 5400 RPM drive which works great as a gig computer. Echo Indigo, 512M RAM, Bardstoen Bose and I\'m n fat city! Just have to watch out for ground loops in the output.


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