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Topic: OT: Need a little input, if you have a moment

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    Question OT: Need a little input, if you have a moment

    I'm in a play called Opus, which is about a string quartet. In the play, my character has to bring sheet music out to the other players. Now, we COULD bring it out loose, but it would help us be organized if we could have it in a folder of some kind. So here is the question: what do real string quartets keep their music in? School folders, file folders, ow what? Just looking for accuracy and professionalism.

    Appreciate any responses...

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    Re: OT: Need a little input, if you have a moment

    A few orchestras, when you can see the music stands, seem to be using the plastic spiral ring binding mechanism.
    It's relatively inexpensive to buy the punch and simple to bind the music.
    Many stationery shops offer a binding service.

    But it is more difficult to turn the pages than having them loose leaf, especially using just one hand, unless the corners are bent up in advance.

    An alternative is to use the little plastic folders often used in business for loose leaf handouts.
    Think an A3 sheet of clear plastic, folded in half then fused together along the bottom edge.
    The top and left hand edge are open. The sheets of paper just put in loose.

    My wife, a singer, uses both.

    Some random thoughts.

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