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Topic: My first trailer score (download link)

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    My first trailer score (download link)


    This was my first actual trailer score for a company based out in Seattle (long flight), but was shown at Siggraph 2003 in San Diego (ROAD TRIP!). It\'s a 2 minute CG game cinematic, but a mock up, not a real game. Anyways, it\'s not a finished piece, and the mastering especially. Stupid me ran some compression over it with no adjustments, just so I could get some increase in volume, but now I don\'t think it was unnecessary...so there are some audio issues. You can comment whatever on the composition itself.
    I sang 3 layered parts in latin (yes, it is real), but I suck at gothic choir voices. I had my sister bail my *** out on the soprano solos. I used some extensive SAM Horns (Maarten I love you), and G-Town (I love you too Tobias). Anyways, any suggestions, comments on the audio, composition, etc, would be most appreciated. Thanks. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Jared Hudson

    LINK: http://www.bsu.edu/web/jlhudson/Jared%20Hudson%20-%20Pre%20Final.mp3

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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    Wow ! I like it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    I like how it changes from choir to strings,
    and string to the action type of score
    where the fast percussion`s come in .
    And the female voice is beautiful too .

    BTW , what did you use for the strings ?
    ( Not the sustain`s the action part)


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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    Very nice!

    I really liked the soprano. There was some small phasing problems in beginning of song(?). But as whole, very cool song!

    Is there a clip where we could also see the action?!


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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    Hey Jared
    Very nice. Particularly powerful when your orch comes in. If I were you I\'d throw in another four or five you\'s at the top and place them a little further back with some verb. Your sister , on the other hand, sounds like she could get herself a gig with Bellardino! Tell her nice work from me. The orchestra does sound a bit (very little bit) on the muddy side. Might be the compression or maybe a tad too much verb. All in all tho, a very nice piece. Are you glad I turned you onto this forum?

    keep it up

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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    That was pretty neat.I like your sis voice and the primitive Drum tempo increase in the beginning especially.Congrats!...Rich

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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    Very nice job indeed. I agree on the phasing probs and I´m not totally in love with the percussion entrance, but the horns are extremelly effective and the piece bestows the power you were clearly after.

    Very nice. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    I checked your website out -- you are a very talenteed composer (and only 20 years old)! I\'m usually not very impressed by a lot of MIDI orchestrations, but your compositions have depth and your use of MIDI is really good (i.e., not writing as to expose whatever weakness is inherent in any given sample library). And you understand dynamics. Continue on!

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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    Exceptional work, Jared. And your sister has an amazing voice. Did you use the C-1 to record it? What preamp?

    I listened to some of your other songs as well. You are very talented and have a bright future!

    -- Martin

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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    neat tune.

    Some of the structure reminds me of the old promo music for MGS2.

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    Re: My first trailer score (download link)

    IT\'S HUGE!

    I like it

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