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Topic: Introducing myself with new homepage and few songs

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    Introducing myself with new homepage and few songs

    I thought that I should make some kind of an introduction about myself. I\'ve been member quite a while and although I haven\'t written here every day but I always come here to read your great posts. This has been one of the most interesting music forums in the net.

    I\'ve just opened new homepage with few songs. Here you can download them directly if you don\'t care reading thru my webpage.


    and here\'s the webpage: http://www.tapanisiirtola.com

    I would like to here any comments you may have about my music and homepage. Especially I would like to know if there is some nasty typos. I\'m thinking in Finnish and writing in English so sometimes it\'s hard to make understandable phares and sentences [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Take care and let\'s keep this forum the best! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Introducing myself with new homepage and few songs


    Very nice work.

    There are a few grammatical errors on your website, but nothing that make it difficult to understand. I don\'t think you need to change anything. Nice job!

    -- Martin

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    Re: Introducing myself with new homepage and few songs

    Hi Tapani,

    I liked your piece, very enjoyable to listen to. If anything I thought each of the three \'sections\' stood by themselves and could be the basis of further pieces.

    Good, classy, understated website too.

    Like you I suffer? from loving too many types of music. I guess it\'s my age (58) but I don\'t like rap or eminem stuff... not as music anyway.... OK as poetry.

    I\'m with you on (melodic, all music must have a good \'tune\' for me) Classical, metal, rock (I love the Stones- seeing them shortly!!) , pop, jazz (traditional not modern- except \'take 5\' ¦:^), blues and I\'ll add Joplin type rags, Bluegrass, Country....There\'s just too much!!

    Keep up the good work.



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    Re: Introducing myself with new homepage and few songs

    Nice web page - simple yet complete.

    The music is very good too. I can see you are a heavy user of Sam horns! You can never go wrong with that library!

    Here\'s wishing you much success in your music career!


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