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Topic: OT: Merging Technologies' Pyramix - Opinions?

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    OT: Merging Technologies\' Pyramix - Opinions?

    Fairly OT this one, but I need more feedback than just a dealer and a couple of old web pages.

    A friend is thinking about putting a DAW together using Pyramix. Anyone had experience with it or no someone?

    We want the usual: quality, reliability, ease of use and truckloads of tracks.


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    Re: OT: Merging Technologies\' Pyramix - Opinions?

    Hi Rick,

    I don\'t know about that. I checked out all the web info. On one hand, it\'s talking about a lot of esoterica and high-end specs, but on the other hand, it\'s going down some pretty weird roads.

    I can\'t imagine they\'ve got any penetration, so I don\'t know what kind of service/longevity you\'d be buying into with something like this. Especially the proprietary hardware requirements, which to me seem to be pursuing the opposite tack of the general market. It\'s one thing for Avid/Digi to be proprietary, with the kind of installed base they\'ve got going. They\'re just another defacto standard. With something like this, it looks to me like your investment goes totally bye-bye if the company fails. Which DAW software companies who go against the biggies tend to do.

    I really like SONAR, but any of the flagship products from the mainstream players, Cubase, Menudo, Logic, Performer, ProTools, Vegas, ACID, Samplitude, et.al., are pretty unlimited in track count with a top-line box today. In fact, the difference between native and hard-card assisted DSP is getting paper thin, unless a person is piling on just ridiculous amounts, and all of the mainstream sequencer/DAW packages support some kind of \"freezing\" even if it is done with duplicate work files.

    That\'s a lot of hot air spent to say I\'d need just an overwhelmingly spectacular reason to make that choice for myself. If I needed the big chunk-o-hardware approach, I\'d buy ProTools. I don\'t need that kind of thing, so I go with the software that matches my work flow more ideally.

    The one thing I found interesting was the SACD and one-bit support, but in the case of the latter, that\'s pretty esoteric hardware!! And SACD is a bit of a hard-sell for me right now. I think when SACD is a commercially valid format with some market grip, then ALL of the CD Burning apps will support it. It\'s not necessarily something for which I\'d pay the premium just to get on board early.

    I am much more interested in DVD audio, anyway. It has so much penetration, and you can do fantastic things with the format. I am working on a very unusual DVD right now. I\'m not even allowed to talk about it. It is not typical, to say the least.

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    Re: OT: Merging Technologies\' Pyramix - Opinions?

    We\'ve reviewed Pyramix and it is an exceptional product. However, the heart of pyramix is the Mikorinos card (sp?) which is very expensive. If your friend is moving in this direction, he should consider Sequoia from magix and using the Lynx II card (www.lynxstudio.com).

    Yes, we\'re a dealer (sorry), but we also use these products in our production arm www.biblestory.net. Walt Disney Records is also a Sequoia user. The Lynx II card has many of the features of the Mikorinos at a much sharper price (including a SMPTE reader/writer on the card). It also handles the MADI interface, too.

    For more info, write soundworksstudio@hotmail.com and talk to Jeff Sheridan (Grammy award winning engineer) who can speak directly to this.


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    Re: OT: Merging Technologies\' Pyramix - Opinions?

    Thanks very much Bruce, Peter

    It\'s good to hear some relatively unbiased real world experience talking.

    It\'d be unfair to take up any more space on this forum talking about DAW options, but you\'ve already given me a few useful threads to follow [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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