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Topic: Techniques....

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    Re: Techniques....

    I read it through a couple times when I was just starting out and found it useful. One portion of it is dedicated to critiqueing the major orchestral sample libraries out at the time. This info would be outdated for most people at this point but the various midi related techniques he covers would be good reading for most beginners.

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    Re: Techniques....

    Fantastic book. I bought it several years ago (7-8 years I believe) wow time flies.....I would be interested in seeing the updated version.

    Very helpful. I would also pick up Rona\'s book
    The Reel World, if you haven\'t yet done so.


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    Re: Techniques....

    He\'s updating the book now to include all the latest libraries and virtual instruments.


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    Re: Techniques....

    Paul Gilreath\'s book \"Guide to MIDI Orchestration\" is a must read. It\'s been a reliable companion over the years. The latest edition is expected to be available next month. Highly Recommended!

    Gary Garritan

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    I\'m curious if anyone has seen/used the book Paul Gilreath has available called \"The Guide To MIDI Orchestration\". Seems like it might have some helpful tips and tricks and I\'m just wondering if anyone else has used it. Aparently it\'s out of print until the new edition comes out in June. Not too far away. Thanks!

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    Re: Techniques....

    I didn\'t read the second edition, but I have great hopes for the new edition and I look forward to read it.

    Here is the link for those who never heard about this book: http://www.musicworks-atlanta.com


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    Re: Techniques....

    I\'ve heard great things as well about Peter Alexander\'s book on the subject. I\'ll probably pick up both to have as references.

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    Re: Techniques....

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we\'re coming into the home stretch with the 3rd edition. It\'s been a huge undertaking...so much has changed since 1997\'s 2nd edition. We even considered another title, since this is essentially a total rewrite. But we\'re very excited about the book and we hope that it will be well received. The 3rd edition contains chapters on basic and advanced orchestration and its implementation into the MIDI world, interviews with composers, sound designers and developers, chapters on optimum studio setup for MIDI orchestration, and very detailed reviews on virtually every orchestral library made. There\'s info on GS and its use in MIDI orchestration, reviews and how-to\'s of plug-ins and effects, piano and choir libraries, mixing considerations, a chapter on implementing synth sounds into an orchestral fabric, a much much more. I\'ll post when the book is completed. Thank you again for the nice compliments. All my best,

    Paul Gilreath
    MusicWorks Atlanta

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