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Topic: It's Sunday night again...

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    It\'s Sunday night again...

    Since I didn\'t take a beating last week I\'d like to get some opinions on this one. The first two thirds were laying around for the last two or three weeks and I added the ending today. Not really sure if they belong together. Lemme know what you think.



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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    Sounds nice, very epic sound. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] May I ask what was used to make this?

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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...


    Great piece! It sounds really full, you\'ve done a great job on your mix. And are those the Westgate winds? They sound sweet!

    This piece sounds very modern to me, with a bit of Hollywood towards the end. I love the change at 0:25, it\'s so freaky/creepy! And I like the Hollywood change at 1:42. That woodwind run at 1:41 and 1:52..what is that?

    Keep it up.. this is really good stuff.

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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    That\'s about it then.
    Well, you two lucky bastards are the recipients of the ten thousand dollars in cash that I put aside for folks willing to give me some feedback. I guess it\'s a good thing I didn\'t advertise that fact in the first place, or you might have had to share it with ..maybe dozens! Please PM me so I can get your addresses to send out the dough.

    Vash: Thanks a lot.
    It is: AO woodwinds
    GOS lite strings
    AO percs
    And as always, good Mr Maartens brass

    Sam: As I said AO winds. I had written this before I received Tim\'s winds (hmmm, that sounds funny) The flute run is stacked grace notes. Really glad you liked it.

    Well, thank you all... both


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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    Very nice! Garritan should give you some kind of fee, as I believe you just sold me on Garritan lite. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    Gary\'s unconditional love is all I need [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    It\'s a real nice little lib. Some folks fault it for being a bit less than warm, but I\'ve recently been focusing on eq-ing out some high ends on the vios to get something quite palatable. Which is not to say that a little bite isn\'t nice to have when you need it.

    Something you might want to take a peek at is the new lib that\'s being hosted at PrimeSounds. For 85 bucks, you can download 30 megs a day for 3 months. You can get the whole lib and lots of other goodies in the bargain. Not nearly as many articulations as GOS, but if you have nothing at all they\'re some nice starter sounds for a good price.
    Thanks again


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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    Hi Christian,
    don\'t get depressed! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] I think your music sounds nice, in a general way, maybe your compositions could get richer if you created more contrast of mass (few instrument vs a lot of instruments) and dynamics. Have you tried to score a film yet? Show your demos to some producers, even if your not payed or just a little bit you might be glad to have a larger public for your music. Good suggestion?
    your friend from France,

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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    Hi christianb,

    As you suspected, the last segment starting around 3:09 from a pure listening perspective, does not appear to belong. It\'s very nicely produced on its own however, and hopefully you can expand it into an entirely new piece.

    But the first part....wonderful. I like the \"almost getting there\" resolution of the harmony. In the beginning you come the closest to a resolved harmony at :8-:12, and then slowly get farther (or is it further?) away as the piece progresses. Brilliant, and very nicely produced technically as well.

    Great work, and you have a true and unique style.

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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    Joanne I think I love you.
    \"My true and unique style\" comes from having absolutely no clue as to what I\'m doing. I may not be able to play a lick on a keyboard or tell you where middle C is on a staff but I sure am getting good at moving squares around in the matrix editor. Sooner or later I\'ll figure out the best places to put \'em. Yeah, I guess when I start thinking about a demo reel, I\'ll actually get a two-fer on this comp.

    Sharms, you know I love you. And I know what you\'re saying. I\'m chugging away.

    Monsieur Marcus,
    This was a bad comp choice to show that I have been very much trying to apply exactly what you are saying about \"less is more\". I\'m going to start putting the feelers out here in Van for the shorts thing too. (the film, not the underwear...I go commando)
    Merci mon ami

    Thanks guys
    that\'s two comps with no serious reaming.


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    Re: It\'s Sunday night again...

    Monsieur Marcus,
    This was a bad comp choice to show that I have been very much trying to apply exactly what you are saying about \"less is more\".
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hups, sorry your right. I melt it up with the last piece you\'ve posted, Caphorn, which is very even from the beginning to the end (if I remember right). Yes in this one the crescendi and contrasts are nice and well performed. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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