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Topic: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

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    OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    Thought this might be interesting reading.
    A UK classical music radio station has had a listeners vote on the Top 50 Movie Soundracks. 44,000 people voted.

    Here are the results;
    1 The Lord of the Rings Howard Shore
    2 Gladiator Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard
    3 The Star Wars movies John Williams
    4 Schindler’s List John Williams
    5 Out of Africa John Barry/Mozart
    6 The Mission Ennio Morricone
    7 Titanic James Horner
    8 Dances with Wolves John Barry
    9 Lawrence of Arabia Maurice Jarre
    10 Jurassic Park John Williams

    11 Gone with the Wind Max Steiner
    12 The Harry Potter movies John Williams
    13 The Piano Michael Nyman
    14 The Magnificent Seven Elmer Bernstein
    15 Brief Encounter Sergei Rachmaninov
    16 Doctor Zhivago Maurice Jarre
    17 West Side Story Leonard Bernstein
    18 Amadeus Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    19 Saving Private Ryan John Williams
    20 Braveheart James Horner
    21 Blade Runner Vangelis
    22 Last of the Mohicans Trevor Jones
    23 Chariots of Fire Vangelis
    24 The Indiana Jones movies John Williams
    25 The Godfather Nino Rota
    26 The Big Country Jerome Moross
    27 Death in Venice Gustav Mahler
    28 2001 – A Space Odyssey Richard Strauss
    29 ET – John Williams
    30 The Great Escape Elmer Bernstein
    31 Fantasia Various composers
    32 Dangerous Moonlight (Warsaw Concerto) Richard Adinsell
    33 The English Patient Gabriel Yared
    34 The World is Not Enough David Arnold
    35 The Hours Philip Glass
    36 The Shawshank Redemption Mozart/Thomas Newman
    37 The Third Man Anton Karas
    38 Platoon Samuel Barber
    39 The Dambusters Eric Coates
    40 The Deer Hunter Stanley Myers
    41 The Good the Bad and the Ugly Ennio Morricone
    42 Star Trek movies Jerry Goldsmith
    43 Once Upon a Time in America Ennio Morricone
    44 Sense and Sensibility Patrick Doyle
    45 Edward Scissorhands Danny Elfman
    46 Once Upon a time in the West Ennio Morricone
    47 Ben Hur – Miklos Rosza
    48 Amelie – Yann Tiersen
    49 1492 Conquest of Paradise Vangelis
    50 Much Ado about Nothing Patrick Doyle

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    BOOOOO only 1 title from Hans Zimmer? I demand a recount. No Prince of Egypt or Lion King, Wow not even Armageddon for fabulous track #9- What\'s the world coming to?

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    Most of those are certainly great but I was missing a few titles too (though not Armageddon precisely [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ), plus some of those movies seem to be voted just for having populat main themes more than the actual soundtrack itself.

    My main surprise was no Basil Poledouris. Both Conan and The Hunt FRO should be there. And no Bernard Herrmann either!

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    As soon as they put Hans Zimmer on the list, and especially at #2 considering all the masters of this genre, they lost all credibility.

    Imagine, Zimmer over Morricone, Herrmann, Williams, Newman, or dozens of others....forget it. It\'s just ridiculous.

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    Thanks for giving me a good laugh

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    Yeah, I was hugely disappointed withthe list and the show ... so I\'m not going to fall in the trap of trying to defend it. But still it makes interesting reading as to what this particular group of listeners \"like\".

    The only observation I\'d make is that it was made by listeners to a classical radio station, not necessarily film-composition enthusiasts (like many on this forum).

    I think they should also tighten the rules, and make it original compositions. Theres a blatant difference between musical written for film, and music chosen to accompany a film.

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?


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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    The Hours, it just out and already at number 35! HaHaHaHaHaHa! What\'s that at number 1? Oops!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    Whoever created this list seems fixated on Hollywood Movies.Ive heard some increadible music in Indie or smaller budgeted box office films. Rich

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    Re: OT: Top 50 Movie Soundtracks ??!?

    Look at #18!

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