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Topic: "Share Your Old Ware"

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    "Share Your Old Ware"

    After the great "Metropolis" thread in the listening room, I thought I would kick start Randy's suggestion for a main thread.

    I've posted a couple of shots of a some of the "old" gear that is gathering dust. We liked the Alesis's as you can tell. Notice all the wall warts! That's one thing less to contend with now I work "in the box"

    I have turned the D-50 on very occasionally. It was my first synth and is still one of my favourites.

    The studio these days consists mostly of a laptop, Digital Piano and MIDI/Audio interfaces.

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    Excellent,yjoh! This is great that you started this thread - thanks! I hope people join in, carrying on the conversation that started on the "Metropolis" thread and Frank's "Brief animation Score" thread over in The Listening Room.

    Really fun to take a look at the gear you've posted pictures of. Some really nice gear there that you could actually still get good use of - Except for factors like we brought up in the LR, like how much space is taken up by old hardware, the mass of cables and wires, how many dials and sliders there are to work with etc - We really do have it made nowadays, with so much power available in one centralized location, our computers. But it's still a great nostalgia trip to look back on how we used to work.

    I should add that there are still people working with hardware, and a lot of it is still made. Some folks insist on still working that way, and I say, more power to them if they can make it work!

    Later on, I'll post some pictures also

    Great stuff - Thanks!


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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    I'm back with a photo contribution to your thread, yjoh. I took this today of the top shelf in a glass and gray metal tower which is part of this L shaped desk in my little home studio (spare bedroom).

    My beloved Korg X5DR is on the left, with my retro Metropolis telphone (complete with real hardware bell ringer) sitting on top of it. Both the synth and the phone work perfectly.

    On the bottom shelf of the trays to the right is a Korg Symphony module, a unit aimed at the digital piano market when it was released. I relied on it heavily for years. It has strings, organs, choir, brass, a bass/guitar/drums split key bank - and the memory card I had in the unit's slot was my P3 Piano - the only piano I used for years. It never ceased to amaze me - "A piano on a credit card!"

    On the top shelf of the trays is my trusty old Yamaha FB-01. It's a 4-operator FM Synth which found its way into many home studios. It was an affordable alternative to the famous 6-operator DX7 keyboard, with the added benefit of being multi-timbral.

    A collection of Real D 3D glasses on top - No Way I'm going to put those in the barrel as I'm leaving the theatre!

    At the far right is my wife's favorite baby picture of me. She says it proves I've always been a cool dude. lol.

    Glimpse of more equipment on the next shelf down, and you can see the old-school 3D glasses issued for a re-release of "Hondo" starring John Wayne. Having the right toys and other knick knacks in a home studio is essential.

    Hope to see more pics of old ware!


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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    This is from the web but my old Roland CR-68 rhythm box is still working and being used by my daughter and others for gigs even. I see there is a Roland CR-78 on Ebay for $2000 with a Roland WS-1?.

    Bands like Radiohead use these things.


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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    Here goes then,

    This is the little equipment stack sitting behind the Edirol PCR-M30 keyboard alongside a Mackie (for gigs) mixer.

    Top down,
    Yamaha UW500 USB, SP/DIF, "to Host", MIDI, audio interface,
    Yamaha MU1000 with DX, AN and VL plug in cards inside,
    Yamaha VL70m,
    Yamaha MU1000 with PF and VH cards inside,
    Roland SC-8850 sound module.

    I shall dig out, which I'd quite forgotten, my old, hopefully still working, Cheetah MS6 synth from the cellar.
    I've got a ROM upgrade to do (from Maad.net) and a new(ish) battery to solder to the motherboard.
    Crikey! Did I really buy that in 1993?
    For some "voice" samples try here: http://www.synthmania.com/ms6.htm and here's a RetroZone review done by Sound on Sound: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/apr0.../retrozone.asp.

    Plus my old Kenton gear.
    The TX81z I had was donated to my young cousin many, many moons ago.


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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    Nice! More hardware to oogle at!

    Fastlane Phil - always good to catch you when you drop by. Some of these old drum machine/rhythm boxes really are sought after and used a lot these days. The blink-blop sound of Roland's TR series of machines has remained the uber-cool sound still heard constantly in TV sound tracks and pop music.

    I looked up that Ebay listing - Take note that reason that combo of machines (the WS-1 is the hardware programmer for the CR-78) has such a hefty price tag is because the WS-1 was owned by Genesis, and was perhaps even >gasp!< touched by drummer Phil Collins - certificate of authenticity included.

    BID NOW on Vintage Roland

    I went through several drum machines in my day, but the one I used the longest was the Alesis HR-16, which is the companion piece to the Alesis MMT-8 sequencer I posted a picture of on my "Metropolis" thread.

    That unit sounded great, but of course became totally out-moded when its measly little 16 samples were left in the dirt by the 100's of drum samples readily available in software drum modules. I remember I had a hard time transitioning to playing drums on my keyboard - after years of using machines, it just didn't seem right!

    SysExJohn-Wow! That's quite a hip stack of modules there in your picture. Those units are still commanding good prices, and still very much in use. Looks like you still have them in your production loop? - And as can be seen by your post in the LR about sub-woofers, looks like you've always had a bigger-than-average studio budget. Impressive!


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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    Nice! More hardware to oogle at!

    SysExJohn-Wow! That's quite a hip stack of modules there in your picture. Those units are still commanding good prices, and still very much in use. Looks like you still have them in your production loop? - And as can be seen by your post in the LR about sub-woofers, looks like you've always had a bigger-than-average studio budget. Impressive!

    All those units in the stack, every one, were bought second hand via ebay.
    The plug in cards were all new.
    I started with an SB16, then added a DB50-XG daughter board to it, then went on to an SW1000-XG card.
    The cards were added to that, one at a time, then came a Kenton expansion box for four cards that could be linked to the SW1k.

    The two MUs and SC8850 came later.

    They're still all connected up as I used them and can be pressed back into service whenever needed.
    The three USB inputs to the main modules are just coiled behind the stack and the USB return from the UW500 ditto.
    The audio link up is still as it was. Just a question of replugging the wall warts and we're back in business.

    The other stuff is Hi-Fi, different budget. In the lounge not the studio.
    From early Quad tube amps back in '66 (15 watts and glow in the dark) and home made speakers.
    Eventually a Thorens TD125 mkII with Micro Seiki moving coil cartridge in a much modified RB300 arm.
    I gradually upgraded to a pair of Arcam Alpha 10 amps, CD72 player and the pair of B&W CDM7SEs.
    The Rel was a later addition 5 or 6 years ago, I got it for half price ex-demo from a good retailer.
    They're significantly cheaper in the UK, mainly because of transport costs. The thing weighs a ton.
    It took two of us with a trolley to shlep it in out of the car.
    It's all double layers of plywood with a beautiful cherry wood veneer finish.
    Even the cardboard box it comes in is a half inch thick!

    Many years ago I started and used to run a branch of the Gramophone Society not far from Brighton.
    Some of this kit was used for that until we raised enough funds to buy a set up for the club.
    I plan to start another just as soon as I return to Albion.

    My job as a principal consultant in the computer, telephony and satellite industry was not without reasonable recompense for the hours put in and the international travelling undertaken. It helped to fund the kit after the kids had flown the coop. The pension now allows the occasional addition.

    All the best,

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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    Ok here's my old ware: Kurzweil Digital Piano Mark 10, hooked up to the old Dell with Finale.

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    Re: "Share Your Old Ware"

    Gee! what great responses. I've been laid up sick for the last few days and wasn't able to check in. It's been fun reading and listening to some of this gear.


    Good stuff in your pics. Wish I could have stretched to the Korg module when the local music shop had a closing down sale. It was a choice between a DX7 or the Korg. The DX7 won out. Love the baby pic, it is "cool".

    My D-50 has a memory card slot as well and I ended up getting the extra sound cards for it. To think they cost $120 each compared to Garritan World Instruments for $149. Big difference nowadays. You are right Randy, we have it made today. We probably have too many choices, but I love it all!


    This was interesting. I didn't start collecting synths etc. until the 90s so it was good to see the MU tone generators, they must have been fun to use. I've always liked to create new sounds from my synths, rather than try to emulate the exact sound of an instrument.

    Still like to "mangle" sounds. I'd "create" these strange patches and load them up as a bank in the D-50 then dump to a track in Notator and save them on floppy disks. So much easier these days.


    Love the Roland gear, it's so reliable. My digital piano is a Roland and my studio is now the laptop hooked up to that. We've a Yamaha RX8 drum machine hooked up still but I never really got into it. The D4 became the go when that was added to the rack. It still has good sounds.


    Good job with Shenandoah, I love this song. You changed my opinion of recorders, I thought the recorder was a normal descant until I read the title on the video clip. Your celtic recorder has a lovely tone to it, not at all screechy like the recorders I remember from school.

    This has been fun, thanks all

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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