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Topic: VOTA folks!

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    Re: VOTA folks!


    this sounds so wonderfully perverted and weird!

    I will do J-pop!!!!!


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    Re: VOTA folks!

    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] coooooooool!!!

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    Re: VOTA folks!

    VOCALOID. SOUL VOCALIST gots\'ta include da damn voices uh at least two soul rappers, one dudette and one male, bod uh which should enable VOCALOID t\'create some range uh \'spressive and soulful rappin\' fum loud and powerful t\'soft and intimate.

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    Re: VOTA folks!

    Love the user interface. I was dreaming about a DXI or other virtual instrument that could sync with a sequencer, and that was the way I would do it. Note/pitch, vel, duration, The word to sing on a piano scroll. Cool.

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    Re: VOTA folks!


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    Re: VOTA folks!

    Pretty Awesome,
    There\'s going to a be some backlash from a lot of voalists.
    Does anyone know if there will be development for the Mac? I believe the release mentioned only Windows

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    Re: VOTA folks!

    I\'m turning Japanese
    I think I\'m turning Japanese
    I really think so

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    Re: VOTA folks!

    The river was cold and far from the spring,
    yet opened its throat and began to sing.

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    Re: VOTA folks!

    Looks like a nice idea. It will certainly beat me trying to sing on my soul tracks. But the fact that the demo is in japanese certainly masks the possible formants problems:
    how can we tell whether the mickey mousing is coming from the singer or from the program?

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