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Topic: OT: Centrino Technology

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    OT: Centrino Technology

    I posted this question in the hardware forum but it was entirely ignored as no one hardly ever visits there.

    Does anyone have any info about the usability of the new Centrino chips relative to Giga and/or other samplers?

    Specifically, they say that a 1.6 centrino will run approx. as fast as a 2.6 P4. So I was thinking of going with a Centrino system so I could get that ultra-portability.

    Anyone have any warnings or other thoughts in that regard.


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    Re: OT: Centrino Technology

    Very good question. I need informations, too.

    Samplitude 7.0 works well with RME Hammerfall and external HDs. But Gigastudio is much more hungry i think.

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