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Topic: need beginner library

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    need beginner library

    I have Logic with EXS 24. I\'ve been writing songs but want to do more scoring.

    I have 3 related questions.

    Is there a way to get a pretty good (basic) orchestra at about $1000?

    Can orchestra brass be used for pop brass? Like Chicago (the band) sounds?

    Does the EXS24 import (or use) Giga samples with all the programming?

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    Re: need beginner library

    Oh, there are PLENTY of ways to go about getting full orchestra sounds for 1,000$.

    You could go with Advanced orchestra for around $500, but it\'s pretty dang old and you can get better results by mixing really good current libraries. I would check out SAM or Kirk Hunter for horns, the \"lite\" versions of Sonic Implants or Garritan for strings (if you want solo strings check London Solo Strings or Kirk Hunter solo strings), and Westgate for woodwinds (Kirk Hunter also has a really great sounding solo/ensemble flute for $99). I know I\'m forgetting some.

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    Re: need beginner library

    strings... GOS lite or SISS lite
    woodwind... Westgate or DDSW lite
    brass... DDSB lite, BOB or QLB (more pop)
    Percussion.... UOP

    These will be around 1000.
    There are very good free percussion samples on the web. So you may cut the cost of percussion lib.

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    Re: need beginner library

    I have Logic with EXS 24. I\'ve been writing songs but want to do more scoring.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Just thought you would like to know that we expect to start shipping the native EXS version of the Sonic Implants Symphonic Sring Collection, by the end of next week. The EXS version will feature 24 bit samples instyead of the 16 bit ones found in the Giga version, plus of course, all the programming has been redone for EXS specifically, so going with the EXS versin is a much better option. So far only the full version is available, however, not the \"MINI\" version which Ken P referred to.

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    Re: need beginner library

    Check out VR Sound\'s offerings:







    Value priced, and they sound great. I\'m working on a demo right now, and hopefully I can do this library some justice. I\'ve got about 2 GB of stuff, I just need to pare it down a tad [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] and finish up the mix. I\'m praying that I\'ll have it done this weekend, I\'ve just had so much going on in the last month that\'s kept me busy. ( A blackout, a few deaths in the family, computer probs, etc.)

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