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Topic: Sirius Harpsichord

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    Sirius Harpsichord

    A day or two before the summer solstice in 2005,, the idea for this burst upon me more or less full blown. But after writing, it required a devilish amount of effort and rewrites to make it work. The approaching solstice drew my attention to the approaching hot weather (not to my liking) and I was thus reminded of the ancient Egyptians association of Sirius with the summer heat. That is the only connection between this music and Egypt or Sirius.

    It was originally written for piano but it occurred to me that it ought to be suitable for harpsichord. With suitable alteration, here it is;

    Sirius Trilogy (Harpsichord)

    The link will take you to Score Exchange, where you will find an mp3 button near the top of the page. I think it allows streaming only, not sure. If you have or wish to get the Scorch player, you can also view the score and listen to the midi playback. Scorch is a free plug in, with download instruction on the page. Some people like to view the score during playback, and Scorch provides the means, although the sound quality is not as good as the mp3's, which use GPO.

    The mp3 uses GPO harpsichord with Sonar and Fatar midi controller keyboard.

    Thus endeth my foray into Harpsichord Territory.


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    Re: Sirius Harpsichord

    That's quite a piece of music Richard.

    It's not exactly easy listening but I like an occasional challenge.

    You're quite an adventurous composer.


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    Re: Sirius Harpsichord

    absolutely delightful. the transcription for harpsichord is rather successful.

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