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Topic: Well, I placed my orders...

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    Well, I placed my orders...

    I should be recieving most of it within a week or so -- I hope. Of course, I won\'t be able to run any of it because I\'m still trying to decide what to do about hardware. I really want to go mobile. But I can\'t freakin\' decide what to buy! Once I do decide which system to get then I\'ll have to wait for it (assuming I get it online) or, at the very least, wait for the echo soundcard I\'m planning on getting. I\'d order it right away so as to not have to wait, but I\'m still a bit scared of the mobile idea I guess.

    I\'m also worried about signing for the packages and all because I\'m NEVER home (which is why I\'m so determined to go mobile.) I guess when I get the little FedEx or UPS note on the door or whatever, I\'ll have to call them and find out where I can go pick my stuff up...or something like that.

    Anyhow, here\'s what I got (If anyone cares):

    Garritan strings & Giga bundle
    Westgate Woodwinds
    Sam Horns + Solo Horns
    Sam T-bones
    Vota and it\'s utitly

    For percussion I\'m going to use the stuff I already have for now. Then, in a bit, I\'ll spring for some percussion set...though I\'m not sure which right now (maybe the EWQL. Or LOP.)

    And you can betchyer bottom dollar I\'ll be getting Sam Trumpets when it comes out.

    Anyhow, I\'m still waiting on customer feedback and more demos for EWQL. If they continue to impress and everything seems well in that regard, I\'ll probably get that whole collection early next year, or sometime, as well. But for a starting point, I\'m pretty happy with what I\'ve decided upon. (Mostly because of price. I\'ll have, pretty much, the full orchestra I\'ll need for under 2k)

    VSL I\'m gonna have to wait on until I have better income (I am a poor starving college student, after all.)

    Once I get everything and get some demos together, I\'ll get a website up and let y\'all hear some of my stuff. After all, I have such a big mouth when it comes to music that I really ought to put my money where my mouth is...so to speak.... It really shouldn\'t take too long because my first project will be simply to take some of my other midi projects and use the giga sounds to redo them. It\'ll take a bunch of tweaking...adding controllers, remixing, etc...but shouldn\'t be too bad.

    At any rate, I\'m extremely excited!! I wish I could tell you all the next project I\'m going to be working on...but I\'m under NDC. But it\'s going to be really cool (at least I INTEND it to be really cool.) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...

    Folk Prophet.....Congrats on your purchases! I know you\'ll be happy with them... I can\'t wait to hear some of your music! Best of luck. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Gary

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...

    You must be really starving now!


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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...

    Folk Prophet,

    May I extend my congrats on that huge purchase.
    Things that are thought out, generally have the best shot to succeed.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...

    No trumpets, tubas in your setup!?

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...

    Originally posted by Donald_Duck:
    No trumpets, tubas in your setup!?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well I\'ll use the Sam free trumpets temporarilly until they come out with the commercial version.

    As far as Tubas go...nope. Not a concern. I\'m not writing for them. That\'s not to say I wouldn\'t write for them if I had them. But in a year or so I hope to get either VSL or EWQL. But for the bare minimum setup I was going for (meaning bare minimum for the project I\'m doing next) I don\'t need tubas. I could sure go for a good contrabassoon however. *sigh*

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...

    Originally posted by Donald_Duck:
    No trumpets, tubas in your setup!?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Folk,
    I think you should have included Advanced Orchestra. By today\'s standards it\'s not great, but absolutely usable as a library to start with.

    It was one of the first libraries I bought a few years ago, and I have never regretted it. You have nearly all orchestral instruments to start with and you can replace instruments and sections step by step.

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...

    Good luck Folk, that\'s a good collection. Spookily very similar to what I was coming up with.

    I have Sam Horns & solo too (a favourite instrument of mine and I\'ve just ordered Westgate Woodwinds. I also have Yellow Tools pure guitars (East West seasonal offer!!) and a few other bits and bobs like Akai \'Whole lot of country\' (got it for £5 at a music fair in the Steinberg software bin!!) and vrsounds acoustic nylon guitar. I shall be getting Franz\'s bagpipes in September....can\'t resist special offers!!

    I have also been strongly considering the Garritan/GS bundle. I haven\'t got GS yet as I have been waiting for the \'about to come out anytime\' v3 (and no I am not using a pirate version in the meantime!) I am just collecting samples when I see something I like at a fair price. The Garritan bundle was attractive especially when considering the price we have to pay in England for GS alone, although admittedly GS has been reduced recently (clearing stock for release of v3?...also Tascams forums have been down for overhaul for the last two weeks...is v3 release imminent or am I putting 2 and 2 together to make 5?).

    I haven\'t ruled out Advanced Orchestra or the Prosonus Orchestral Collection instead of Garritan\'s initially so I was pleased to see Peter\'s post. Any opinions on which of these is the best?

    (BTW I think that there\'s a market for modern day replacements of Advanced Orchestra and Orchestral collection for $200-300. Also less overwhelming/ intimidating for roughing out pieces- I\'m sure that it could be done now)

    This brings me to my final point, which is that for me some of the pleasure with this hobby (as it is for me) is in the anticipation and the excitement of new products. I\'m sure it\'s the same for everyone who posts here. I mean I\'m still looking forward to hearing what I\'ve already got when I finally get GS!! (or Kontakt...still not totally sure....another reason I\'m waiting for v3. At the moment Kontakt has the features and GS has the libraries as far as I can see). At least GS v3 hasn\'t come out yet so we have all that to look forward to still ¦:^).

    I\'m sure we all get a boost and some inspiration when we get new sounds or a new module as it was in the old days. One of the good points with Garritan\'s strings is that it is constantly updated and improved so that some excitement can be derived from that. I think that the big problem with the huge and expensive super orchestral libraries ie EWQL & VSL is that it\'s all over once you\'ve bought it....nothing to look forward to anymore (other than using it ¦:^) unless you\'ve got loads of money. It\'s analagous to buying a hi-fi stack (EWQL and VSL) in comparison to buying seperates, eg Garritans, Sams, Westgate, Dan Deans etc etc....same sort of story.

    Anticipation and ever improving sounds have always excited me. Sadly with the latest endeavours of these terrific orchestras I think that Everest may have been conquered. It reminds me of 3D modelling...some of the excitement goes when the results asymptotes towards perfection or goals have been achieved. What happens next is that the prices go down (along with the excitement) so that the equivalent of VSL will be available for a fraction of the price in a few years time. Kids with snotty noses will be getting powerful sequencers with VSL equivalent in their Christmas stocking in 10yrs time....It will happen.

    I was lying about the former being my final point as this is now it. I haven\'t seen anyone mention Steinberg/ Wizoo\'s (www.wizoosounds.com) new strings which were mentioned in the News section of August\'s Sound on Sound magazine. They\'re called the \'Claudius Bruese String Section Pack\' and can be downloaded for $129. For comparison, with others, the Giga version is 614Mb. It may be a lite version of the Steinberg strings. Not a lot of money though. If the strings are as good as the steinberg piano (listen to Doug berwick\'s piece in the Garritan section) then they may be decent.



    If you don\'t know what you are talking about, say it anyway!

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...


    What you will be missing in your selection is solo brass instruments. With SAM\'s sections you can hardly play chords (unless you want that \"unreal\" MV sound), two note harmony at most.

    I can recommend getting Dan Dean\'s solo trumpet separately ($90-120 price range). It\'s only NV. For the V Trumpet you\'ll need another disc, so this is quite expensive for your budget.

    DD\'s solo horn is also quite good. If you do some handy tricks with shifting regions, you can easily create FH 1, 2, etc. that allow for nice 4 part chords.

    I like BOB\'s solo trombone for p-mf (you will need to shorten the release times, which give weird tails - note ends should be done with CC11, expression, IMO). Price around $ 60.
    Don\'t go for the BOB Tuba, it sounds phasey.
    I also have DD\'s trombone and bass trombone (more splat sounds than SAM\'s bass bone). Same price tag ($90 - 120 each). Quite high prices, but there are definitely worthwhile.

    LOP is a very wise decision for percussion - don\'t know yet if EWQLSO has the same amount of choice.

    Mixing libraries from different versions will also require some matching of levels, placement and subtle ambience applications to get them into a common space. I believe it can be done, but it\'s a lot of hassle and experimenting (can be fun on its own, tho).

    For instance to position DD\'s solo horn as close as possible with SAM\'s horn section, you really need tools like SoundStage FX3 on the dry solo horns and Waves\' S1 on the SAM horns.

    Oh, and also: make mono versions of all solo instruments that come in stereo. Saves 50% memory in GigaStudio and allows for better placement. An instrument on a virtual distance of 10 m hardly needs to be in stereo.

    The opposite approach is of course to stop buying anything from now, and save up for the VSL performance pack 1st edition, which is an incredible collection for its price. Haven\'t got it yet, but I have heard so much nice things from Maarten and Thomas, also very, very convincingly played solo lines.

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    Re: Well, I placed my orders...


    I don\'t have AO, but I did start my orchestral libraries with Prosonus. Initially, I was very, very disappointed because the tuning was not good. We\'re talking nails-on-chalkboard, junior-high band intonation. I\'m not a perfect-pitch, golden-ears snob, either.

    Shortly after I bought it, enough people griped to get a series of .art files that fixed many of the pitch problems. Some remain, but on the whole it\'s much better.

    In its current state, the good: decent variety of articulations, string ensemble short bows that will take your head off (with up & down bows!), okay percussion, decent all-around sounds with some nice ambience. The bad: still some bad pitch problems, no vibrato in the string section sustains, choppy multisamples in some woodwinds, stuffy tone in some brasses.

    It\'s a good fill-in library, and a decent starting point, but it\'s easy to outgrow.


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