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Topic: high gain guitar

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    high gain guitar

    I\'ve read this forum alot the past couple of years, since I have unity-mac(w/ a ton of ram) instead of giga, I never have much to say. but seem to enjoy this forum the most, you guy\'s make me day dream over giga samples. I\'m thinking I\'m gonna have to get over my \"ball bat beating rage\" that I get everytime I touch a PC (I\'m sorry but it\'s true, family members turn to me everytime they put their PC out of commision. ok.... not everytime, but enough to leave a foul taste. ok... I admit it, i have a PC, the kids use it) and get a gigamachine, at least they\'re alot cheaper then a mac.

    ....anyway\'s, I too have been working on a electric guitar samples. these are the high gain style(linkin park, creed , deftones,etc). there\'s alot of drums, alot of basses, and nada on heavy guitars. I have a few guitar samples(small files), but they just don\'t cut it (at least for a pro-guitarist(me). the 56 strat sounds awesome, I love the pink floyd lead demo(giga... drool, let me check my list... yep there it is!) and the POD.... well that\'s a Piece Of Dookie, a cool headphone amp though, but still sounds fake. I\'m going for realistic balls to the wall! turn that down! thud! not processed cheez(nachos.... drool)

    I\'ve only completed the 1st layer and it has taken me what seems forever (I can see why you guy\'s hate pirating, this is a ton of work!). I used a B.C.Rich Gunslinger/Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (2 channel, sounds better than the newer 3) I did every note, everystring: long, muted, power chords(& muted) A and drop D, hammer ons & pull offs (& muted) and other stuff with everything up & down picking, (oh how my fingers hurt! and i\'m a long time player) holy $#@! this sounds amazing! I recorded 4 layers, the layers will be set at the upper vel. (high gained guitars don\'t turn down anyways.... at least thats what I always told the sound guys) the reason for this is to elminate the chain saw effect of repeat notes. these are all left with no processing, this can be done down the road leaving it more flexiable.

    so far, this has turned into a love affair. I have 4 other guitar/amp setups ready to sample as well as other tunings to add(all the same style). I\'m doing this for my own personal use, but I could see how these could make the world a better place(I know this by the frequent changing of my underwear) but I\'d have to look into other formats (including giga) plus, I don\'t have a clue on marketing them. of course a demo is on the way. even if they never leave my side, I intend to leave you guys drooling, like ya leave me drooling for giga samples

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West Studios

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    Re: high gain guitar

    LOL --- pod sounds like cheese ???? perhaps you should clean out your ears .... i\'ve owned 75% of all the amps it models .... done side-by-side recordings .... WORKS GREAT .... some (alot) of the stuff on the radio these days is either a POD or Amp Farm .... it\'s the truth! Nile Rodgers confessed to using it on all his current projects ..... maybe it the BC Rich guitar you are using [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    anyhow --- in the past 2 years, there has not been a studio i\'ve worked at w/o a POD .... and every session guitarist i know (me included) never leaves home w/o one. no! it is not the definative .... i still use numerous other things..... although .. it is great!

    and maybe you cannot get that big sound because you are not properly tracking the guitar ... Double, Triple, Quadruple track .... then you will hear it get BIG!!!!!!!!! i dunno, would have to hear your samples to give a proper hypothesis.


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    Re: high gain guitar

    ok.... so I\'ve over stated the cheezy POD. lol, you sound like a guitar center salesman.... i\'ll take one.... no wait.... I have one all ready. I also have the roland gp-100 and my partner has the behringer(which he thinks sounds better than the POD... the POD got my vote) if they came out with a limited edition POD in the shape of a GB packer cheese head, I\'d get another one, just because. I also tried the amplitube. for what they all do is very cool. but, IMOP they fall a little short, in the upper notes where I start shaking my head. they also dont feed back, this is an important part thats over looked (digital feedback....ouch)it\'s like comparing GOS to roland strings, what would you turn to? and why? but, the roland is easy to work with just like the POD. I\'m glad I only sold a one amp when I got the POD [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] I could sample the POD if ya like.... just kidding.

    I chose the B.C.Rich Gunslinger first over the LP, PRS and others. don\'t let the name fool ya, if you take away the cheap production guitars, you have some very finely crafted guitars. PRS has taken this route lately, too bad. it just goes to show you can\'t judge a guitar by the name on the headstock anymore. anyways.... the gunslinger is a personal fav, it has a slanted hum pick-up like a strat. it gives alot of chug and thud.

    the cool thing about these is: someone with less than par guitar playing skill (but would never amit it) could produce something well above. I\'ve tried some in-human stuff that turned out very cool, but the realistic stuff is where i\'m dropping my jaw. when dealing with them you have to think like a guitarist, this seems to be true with pretty much all other realistic samples.

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West Studios

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    Re: high gain guitar

    thanks sharmy,
    I\'ll remember that in the future.
    I\'ve work with the new mesa boogie rack, very VERY cool! I almost went and traded my rectifier head for it. but then my stupid pill wore off. if I didn\'t have the head already, I would get it.

    although i\'m not his biggist fan either, Tommy Lee is the man! I can\'t think of anything not cool about him. he even got to star in a movie with his ex.... and he did it for free! way too cool! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West Studios

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    Re: high gain guitar

    Originally posted by Sharmy:
    Basically there are no really Xtreme libraries for Rock.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Check out DRUMKIT FROM HELL at http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=TT100

    Doug Rogers

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    Re: high gain guitar

    ngstime, it sure sounds interesting! Being a guitarist myself, I always get interested when someone says: Guitarsamples!
    I\'d love to hear some example on what you have done!
    If you wanna discuss the project, or need someone to toss idaes with, please feel free to contact me at per@biggagiggas.com.

    Regarding POD, I currently use a Line6 combo that I like a lot, I earlier had a -67 50W Marshall that, I admit, sounded better on the few sound it had, but the Line6 is a bit more relayable, and you also can get BOTH a good rythm-sound and a Solo-sound.
    I\'d also like to have the Guitarport, imagin that and a 6-pack!
    Have you seen the new Variaxe? Seems like another cool product!

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    Re: high gain guitar

    While I agree about the POD\'s Aliasin in the high notes, its not as bad as say, Rolands COSM technology. Besides for rhythm and generaly tracking of heavy guitars the POD and most of the other hardware amp sims do their job.

    With a bit of compression and possibly some impulses for a small bit of room compression, you can get a pretty good tone. I admit there is a bit of \"flatness\" when playing through it, but it sounds close enough to alot of good recordings, and in a mix, I dare most anyone hear to tell me if recordings are POD or not POD.

    Its a tool [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    0h and the Roland vs GOS comment.......you can stir up a whole bunch of poo poo with that one [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Good luck with the guitar sampling. Its a pain, I know [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Something you may want to consider on the future sampling is splitting the signal via direct box, then record both signals. You can then have a non distorted DI sound as well as a fully overdriven sound and have access to both. Being able to \"reamp\" the DI tone when ever.

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    Re: high gain guitar

    LoL Sharmy, lets try it just for fun [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    You can get pretty extreme sounds using our \"Giga Clean Electric Guitars\" collection.
    You get 4 unprocessed great vintage guitars for less than the price of most 1 instrument libraries, with 3 velocities, mutes, hammer-ons and slides with full decay on each sample for each instruments. That\'s 500 megs per instruments.

    Plug them in a pod, amp or whatever outboard you\'re using that was the idea behind our library.

    Vintaudio Productions

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    Re: high gain guitar

    opps, sorry KingIdiot.
    I wasn\'t refering to the roland sampled string collection. I was talking more the older outboard like the xp-30 or something. the xp-30 gave me hours of enjoyment, so I shouldn\'t knock it (as well as the POD). but it\'s doom was the the use of sampling. now its gone, it just sat there looking cool. I remember test driving the xp-30 against a kurzweil 2500.... hehe, what a joke! still the xp-30 won over the limited pocket book. and then came soft-samplers and now my brain is fried for the better(I think)

    I hope this closes the can of worms

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West Studios

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    Re: high gain guitar

    I still use my XP-30 alot [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ve even used it for strings...when I wanted a \"synthy\" sound [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] haha

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