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Topic: Weirdness in GOS wav's?

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    Weirdness in GOS wav\'s?

    This may be me but I\'ve noticed that in any wav that I open in editor from GOS that the sound is very weird sounding. It almost sounds like a flange or something. Granted this is with headphones on but I can also hear small digital pops in all the wavs. Also as each wav file ends it sounds like a filter closing or something and the sound stops immediately.

    I\'ve never seen this mentioned before...hasn\'t anyone else noticed this????

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    Re: Weirdness in GOS wav\'s?

    Tommy, A better place for Gary to catch this and respond ( and he will ) would be in the Garritan area. I can say that for myself... no such problem. Flanging, I can\'t begin to explain and sudden cut offs like that just sound too bizarre.
    E-mail him with a couple of offending wavs and see what he says. Who knows maybe you got a tweaked disc.


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