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Topic: Best Budget String Library

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    Best Budget String Library


    I was recently looking at a few string libraries, and I need a fairly decent one, but at a fair price, which would be no more than $200. The 3 libraries I was considering were Ultimate String Collection, Advanced Orchestra Strings, or Garritan Lite. Yes I say Garritan Lite, because I could get them for $200 by joining www.audiogang.org. I\'m looking for a powerful library that has many useful articulations, are expressive, and sound very realistic incorporated into compositions.

    Does anyone have experience with these libraries? I was wanting to do some faster string parts which would most likely use marcato attacks, but I\'d also use some extensive legato also. Yes, I wish I could get SI Strings, but I don\'t have $1000 at the moment. I just need something that will make me happy until I have more money.

    So what\'s the best budget string library for the money?


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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    Hey there,

    I would think for that price GOS lite might give you the best bang for your buck. Also, it is a bit out of your range but SISS has a mini version for about $450. Might be something to consider, I am trying to make a decision between the two myself.

    Best of luck,


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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    you can get an akai or roland version of Ultimate strings for 99 bucks from east west if you look for clearance sales (like the one going on now)

    Its a good lib, doesn\'t ahve as much as GOS Lite or SI mini, but its good for 99 bucks. Its also a great lib to learn about reprogramming a lib to make it better.

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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    Hi, maybe the stand alone version of AO strings has some improvement over the strings that ship with the standard library, but generally the strings are considered to be the worst part of AO.

    I have the AO library and I certainly couldn\'t recommend the strings.

    Personally I would go GOS.

    Hope this helps, Scott.

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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    Originally posted by chocothrax:
    Oh yeah I think you can get GOS lite for $199.00 by just mentioning to Gary you are a member of this site.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Really?!? Can anyone else re-confirm this???

    If so, Wow. That would most certainly tip the scales for my future (& nearly immediate) purchases. I mean, I\'d been leaning toward GOS anyway; but the full library is just a bit out of my immediate price range... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    Choco -

    Thanks... I actually had been following that thread & I don\'t know how I missed that. Must be those damned brain farts again... [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    http://www.audiomidi.com also has great library prices, but if you give Gary your money directly, he doesn\'t have to share a slice with the middleman. Middlemen serve a valid role, but they don\'t reinvest their money to make next year\'s libraries.

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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    For $200 you should not pass up GOS-Lite. As a GOS-Lite user I can say it is a very good library for it\'s retail price let alone this price. I would suggest that you seriously consider SI but not at double the price.

    PS. If you can get the price you want, order directly from the Gary. Support your local developer.

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    Re: Best Budget String Library


    It\'s amazing what you get for your money these days when it comes to sampled string libraries.
    In the not so distant past, one had to struggle with much less detailed libraries which weren\'t always that inexpensive.

    As a matter of interest, see if you can guess which relatively old string libraries the following pieces used:

    Best regards
    p.s. Please forgive the sombre nature of some of the music in those mp3 examples.

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    Re: Best Budget String Library

    Are they somber because of the price you paid for the older string libraries? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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