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Topic: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

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    Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    Hello again,

    Ok ok, I know I just posted that \"budget strings\" thread, and it helped. Thank you. I think I\'m gonna go with Garritan Lite for now (just give me a few weeks for the money, JUST bought Gigastudio 160). Anyways, the point of this thread is opinions on the \"cream of the crop\" libraries. I don\'t include VSL or QLSO in this thread cause they are both extremely new, and not in full effect yet (Pro Edition of VSL). I\'m talking about strict string libraries. I\'m also leaving out Miroslav due to the fact that I have always been looking at Garritan or the newly released Sonic Implants.

    Part of me hates starting a thread like this, because I know the developers browse these forums, and threads such as this could hurt their business. I\'m not being biased in anyway. I respect every developer of libraries considering the fact that they spend an IMMENSE amount of time, money, and dedication to bring the customers in their vision \"the finest\" libraries out there.

    To the point, I browsed Garritan\'s site listening to Lite demos and was impressed. The first time I had ever heard Garritan was from Bill Brown\'s music from Tom Clancy\'s Rogue Spear (great music by the way). I actually hadn\'t even got into composing before then, and only know this due to knowledge gained over time about sound libraries. Anyways, I was blown away by the amount of features the FULL version Garritan had, and with those much talked about Maestro Tools, it just makes the package look even more sexy. Control is everything (just like VSL\'s Performance Pack). I\'ve heard AMAZING recordings with this library, and now I\'m in a bind.

    When I first heard Sonic Implants Strings when released, I was floored. Wholesome goodness I tells ya. WOW. The expression, articulations, and the sheer natural beauty to it just made me drool. I said to myself \"I\'m getting this\", but I\'m also a broke college student too. As much as I hate buying \"upgradable\" libraries as I like to call it (Garritan Lite, SI Mini)...I had to go with one for now. I would love to just buy the whole thing up front. That\'s why I bought Gigastudio 160 up front, but $1000 is REALLY pushing my budget now.

    I\'ll say this now, you don\'t need to tell me what to buy, but just give me your opinions on the libraries if you own them or have worked with them. This isn\'t \"who can sell Jared which library\". I am mearly asking for consumer opinions. It\'ll be awhile before I buy a full string library, so things may change over time. So I now make it to my main question:

    Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    Jared Hudson

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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    I don\'t wanna dissappoint you with not bringing actual information to your question directly, but there was large discussion about it here in the board on exactly this topic when SI came out and after. Just click on \"search\" above the topics, give it a try with terms like \"GOS SI\" \"strings\" \"sonic implants\" \"garritan\", any combinations of these and/or add to that specific member numbers, like 274 (KingIdiot), who definately wrote like a bookwriter about that topic or 220 (Simon Ravn) who also elaborated much info on the mix of both.

    Don\'t get me wrong, there can always be new information, but please also understand for the forum regulars (mostly checking daily here) it gets a bit annoying nowadays to see repeating questions arise that already are discussed to a certain satisfaction.

    Hope this was of help for you.


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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    Polar\'s right. This has been talked to death, but if you want my opinion, get em both...GOS and SI. By all accounts they\'re very complimentary. And don\'t bitch about the price. If you *really* want them, I hear kidneys go for like $40k on the black market. Don\'t sweat it, you got another one for a backup. Of course, I\'ve also sold my cornea and one of my lungs, and my spleen is currently a featured auction on eBay (no reserve), but it\'s all for the art, man.
    One thing worth mentioning about GOS...the updates/add-ons, which you won\'t get with the lite version, make the library. I don\'t know if I would have been as gung-ho about it were it not for some of the patches that came out post release. They made all the difference in the world.

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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    I agree with the other fellows if you\'re talking about the full editions, but if you\'re talking about the lite editions, then be aware that:

    1. GOS has a lower price than SI
    2. There\'s an upgrade path from GOS Lite to the full version. All you do is return the original CDs, and pay the difference (retail to retail) for the full version.
    3. The Giga Lite with Garritan are the Lite versions that came with the full set. So they weren\'t reprogrammed, just selected out a large set.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    Just to clear things up

    SI also has an upgrade path

    and There are some specific \"lite\" patches in the LITE version last I heard. Not just the same \"lite\" GOS patches. Arean\'t they closer to the Akai versions? I believe they only include mp/mf dynamics, which I could swear is different than the \"lite\" instruments in the full version which should be p/f dynamics

    Tom would be the guy to ask, or Gary himself. I\'ll check again later tho about the full versions \"lite\" variations.

    BTW polar\'s right [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Thanks man [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'ve stated it before tho and I\'ll say it again. I generally dont think lite versions of libraries are very usefull at all. They skimp on dynamics. The mp/mf dynamics aren\'t varied enough and dont give you the \"extremes\" that one needs when midi mockupping IMO. While they are more realistic than other libs I just tend to think they do exactly what they are designed to do (make you want the full versions).

    Also since you\'ve said you\'re new to composing you may want to go with a full orchestral set like AO and learn the basics. While the sounds aren\'t that great, you\'ll get pretty much all the orchestra. Its the library I started out with and I even did some gigs with it. The strings are its weakest part, ut you can layer the solo strings over the sections and make it sound better, or get Dan Dean solo strings and layer to get a better sound.

    Obviously there\'s not as much \"cool\" articulations as in the GOS lite or SI lite, but the rest of the orchestra is more important when starting out if you ask me.

    This is of course assuming you dont have any full orchestra libs. If you do, then all I can say is listen to demos do some searches and pick the path that you think is best for you. Both libs have strong points over each other. The answer you\'ll get from me is to get both. (actually it will be get them all).

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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    Hey Jared. We e-mailed each other a month or so back. I tipped you to this fine forum. As many of the fellas have already said GOS lite is a great way to go. Peters comment about upgradeabilty to the full version is quite important, not to mention that Gary is a gem. I\'ve heard the demos for SI and yes, they sound great and have received excellent feedback here and elsewhere, but as money is a consideration you can\'t go wrong with GOS lite. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and am elated with it. I had tried to find an all in one library solution in AO and find that I am using it less and less. At best, trying to squeeze some of my money\'s worth out of it [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] live and learn.

    welcome to Northern and look forward to hearing some new stuff soon
    (this kid is good, guys... imho!)


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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    Holy cow !
    More than a tad off topic but...
    What nut bar rated me five stars??
    lunacy I tell you!!

    Well, whoever...
    thanks for the gesture [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    I have nowhere to go now but down [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    Originally posted by Jared Hudson:
    The first time I had ever heard Garritan was from Bill Brown\'s music from Tom Clancy\'s Rogue Spear (great music by the way). [/QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Actually it was the \"Sum of all Fears\".

    Garritan wasnt around when Rogue Spear was released.


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    Re: Garritan or Sonic Implants? Opinions..and why.

    My apologies. We\'re not an SI dealer, so I don\'t know about the upgrade path.

    Another consideration, if your sequencer can handle VSTi is to think about the HALion Strings Edition. Sonically, they\'re not as strong as GOS. And they\'re slightly more expensive. But they can be a great place to start.

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