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Topic: Hail to Simon Ravn.

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    Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Simon (Ravn) I just heard your second VSL demo. Its so beautyful man. Thumbs up. Its funny listening to this piece and the QLSO demo. They are not alike at all, but really portray different forces of the libraries. VSL seems extremely power in ppp-p. My guess is that QLSO might be slightly stronger in the f-fff. But thats a goose chase. Anyway. I just wanted to give you a huge compliment. Its really, really a beauty you have made. No Williams ramblings on this one. Promise.

    Just standing ovation in words.

    Check out demo here:

    http://vsl.co.at/index?http://vsl.co.at/demo_products/?DP_ObergruppeID=5;DP_GruppeID=12;DP_InstrumentID= 52

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Yeah, Simon has been in my references folder since I took interest in orchestral mock ups. Have you listen to his demos for Sonic Implants strings? The full orchestra demo is still one of the best mockups to date in my opinion, and its pre-VSL. He also has a demo for GS called spiccatto-sautile, which is an amazingly well orchestrated and rounded short composition.

    As for Danny\'s Nightmare, I agree with Chris. It\'s sensitive, sofisticated and mature. Bravo, and more please!

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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Very distant in sound though not so reverb-ish.
    How do you do it? How, how, how...

    PS I\'m balancing a little more back to VSL after hearing this. Most impressive, Simon.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Absolutely wonderful Simon! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Heard the demo like 50 times. Still breaths. The movements semm extremely dynamical. It almost sounds like you conducted Maestro Simon. Impressive.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.


    Astounding...Very beautiful piece. Excellent orchestration. Like they are saying, it breaths!
    I\'m very impressed, this one goes to my hard drive. I am going to burn a CD with examples of pieces done with Gigastudio to show a teacher in my college that is classically trained and unaware of Giga, and your piece just made the cut, BIG TIME.


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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Wow thanks a lot. Very surprised that this smaller piece would create this kind of response, but thanks

    Alex: About the verb I don\'t really have any advice but the old one about using your ears. I put - especially - the flute further away here than I usually would though, to really make it seem rather distant. On a technical note, the reverb used for the woodwinds and bowed crotales here is the one that comes with the UAD-1 DSP card.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Hey Simon,

    I think the good response is because it\'s a bit of a departure. It seems to me that you are progressing into your own voice. I wish I\'d been 1/4 as hard working as you at your age!! I was more into breaking the world bong hit record and chasing tail, which had its own rewards, but I\'ll bet your career takes a lot less time to establish than mine did.

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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    My only issue with Simon\'s demos is that he can take an elephant fart and make it sound amazing...aside from his composing, his arranging and mixing skills are *that* good...so it\'s sometimes hard to judge what the simple folk like me can actually squeeze out of a library.
    And Bruce, I was a little troubled by your comment. While I agree that bong hits are anything but helpful to furthering ones career, there is always time for chasing tail, much like there\'s always room for dessert. You can write music \'til the day you die, but chasing tail gets progressively harder with age. I say grab that tail, Simon, why you still can! If anything, it\'ll inspire you to write more music, which will in turn get you even more tail...

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    Re: Hail to Simon Ravn.

    Uhu. I gotta \'gree with Huddie on dis one. Simon. No reason why u cant grab tail and be famous reincarnation of JW at the same time man. Go for it baby!

    Love - Chris

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