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Topic: BiaB/Garritan Episode 2: Update

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    BiaB/Garritan Episode 2: Update

    Randy has come up with a time saving solution to what I am demonstrating in the use of BiaB and the Garritan Libraries. It has to do with the MIDI Drum Track. It's something everyone that uses a DAW (especially SONAR or Cakewalk) should now about the SessionDrummer Synth.

    I have created a pictorial tutorial for everyone to use.

    It can be found as either a .doc file or a .pdf file at these links:

    DOC File

    PDF File

    Thanks Randy for the wonderful information.

    Best regards,
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    Re: BiaB/Garritan Episode 2: Update

    Hey, that's great, Bill! I'm glad you get what I was talking about on your 2nd BiaB tutorial thread. That's the way guys work who are primarily doing pop and rock tunes on their computers - One MIDI track, and using all audio outs from a drum module.

    Note that it's not just for Session Drummer, but any drum module that has multiple outs - and that's pretty much all of them: EZDrummer, BFD drums et al.

    If someone's using a drum patch, like a kit from JABB, then splitting a drum track out into multiple MIDI tracks is useful for bouncing each part of the kit down to separate audio tracks. That's because a drum like that is just one more available instrument in the multi-timbral synth, ARIA, in the case of JABB. A drum like that isn't a dedicated drum VST with all the bells and whistles, like separate audio outs for each part of the kit.

    One more note - In the GPO percussion collection, even though there's an Orchestra Percussion patch that has everything loaded into one slot, the user can get much more control by using the individual percussion instruments available - tympani, cymbals, bells, glock etc - each on its own MIDI channel. The all-in-one patch doesn't make it possible to change the relative volume balance between the various instruments.


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    Re: BiaB/Garritan Episode 2: Update

    My apologies everyone. I've been playing trumpet in an Opera all week and I have not had time to do the final installment of these Tutorials. I will get to the last one as soon as I can.

    Begging forgiveness,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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