I\'m working on a final project for a composition class (really late of course, so every moment counts.) Only a few instruments needed, so its just one giga machine and my sequencer. I step outside for a break, and when I come back and hit play from measure 8 of the piece (which triggers 2 instruments playing at a relatively fast pace) the giga machine reboots... Go figure, it\'s one of those rare moments where I\'ve been working quickly and hadn\'t yet saved my Performance Tool info from VSL, and the Giga instruments are shy a couple of instruments. So it\'s gunna take some effort to get back to where I was. Oh well.

The question is, does anyone have a clue what could cause this? It has happened once before, but that was with an older version of Giga I was using on 98, quite a few months ago, maybe a year. Something happens just once, while I get concerned, I can shrug it off and eventually not worry about it. But two times means something\'s definitley wrong. So it happended once on 98 with an old version, and now once on XP with the current version of giga.

I\'m getting back to work now, but I\'d really like to know if this has happened to anyone else and if you ever found out what it was or how to fix it.