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Topic: More Music Toys

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    More Music Toys

    A while back I posted some pictures of most of my studio gear. Here's the rest.

    It's my 2009 13" MacBook Pro, Yamaha CLP-555 digital piano, Martin D-16RGT, Fender American Telecaster and Rogue Jersey Lightning Lap Steel Guitar.

    Anybody else have some pictures of their gear to post?


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    Re: More Music Toys


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    Re: More Music Toys

    That is one handsome looking room, Phil! So warm, comfortable, and inspiring with all the instruments on display.

    Yeah, some time back we had a thread where people were posting shots of their home studio set ups - That was an update of an even older thread. And we have the semi-current "old ware" thread. I love these threads - really fun to see where people are working on their music.


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