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Topic: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

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    Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    A big "Happy Birthday" to Randy Bowser, from all the Garritan Family!

    Both he and his wife Kate are celebrating birthdays together today!

    Serenity Musician (Gary A.)

    HP Pavilion Elite, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, 12 gig ram, 1 terabyte hd., E-MU 0404, Korg K61, Finale 2012, Sonar X2 Producer

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y! Randy

    Best Regards,

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    Happy Hatch-day Ran Man!

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    Happy Birthday to a great composer and tute-meister.

    No fancy grafix (I'm at work), just my best wishes


    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    Happy Birthday!

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    H a p p y B i r t h d a y
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    Happy birthday!

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    A toast from The Netherlands. Good gracious, another year. Go in wealth and health my friend.


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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    Happy Birthday!

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

    Wow--Nice!! It's a busy day for me - What a great surprise to come to the Forum and see all these Birthday greetings. I'm very touched. -- ok, so we all knew I was kind of touched -- now I'm Very touched!

    Thank you so much, my friends.


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