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Topic: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

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    Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    Hey everybody,

    I\'ve posted a list of new articulations planned for the expanded version of the library on my site.

    Westgate Studios Woodwind Collection (Expanded Version)

    Scroll down to the bottom and take a listen to a little demo of one of the new instruments. Or better yet, I could post it here. Duh.


    There\'s more cool stuff coming soon. I\'ll keep you informed as it becomes available for demonstration.

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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    Not being a wind/whistle player... what\'s a mordent? Sounds like a beast from Harry Potter!

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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    As someone that used to run live sound for the Irish bands that would come through Portland I have to say you done a beautiful job on the instrument. It sounds very expressive and you\'ve captured the right feel with the bends and ornaments.
    Good job.

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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    I can\'t wait to get this. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Sounds really great. Keep up the great work!

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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    A mordent is when you quickly alternate from one note, down a major 2nd, and then back up. What I have actually sampled are inverted mordents. In this case you go from one note, up a major second, and then back down to the original note.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Just a reminder, what I have listed on the page are only the new articulations. When the expanded version is released it will contain everything from the current version as well. Although the price will be going up, so get on board now to receive a discount on the expansion.

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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    That\'s done it TimzyDeer, you broke my spending resistance.....I\'ve dug out my PayPal password so you\'ll wake up to another order!

    Also, to receive praise from someone named Haggerty is the ultimate accolade!

    I\'d love to hear a fast piece. Just wind that MIDI file up and repeat it? Maybe the tin whistle is the little jewel in your woodwind crown...especially for those of us having Celtic Blood racing (OK at 58 let\'s call it \'flowing\') through our veins?

    (For those interested in medical matters, Celtic blood is the same as normal blood but with a small amount of added alcohol)


    PS Following from your earlier thread, the unrealistic option of being able to use the whistle in any key would be great. Also, do your current whistle recordings enable fast pieces \'jigs\'? Would the attack need to be faster/ different from that used for the lovely legato demo piece?

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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    LOL!! By that definition, everyone I know is Celtic.

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Hardy Heern:
    (For those interested in medical matters, Celtic blood is the same as normal blood but with a small amount of added alcohol)


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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    Just placed my order for the disc. I can\'t wait.
    In Irish music there are different size whistles for different keys. The Large low D is a wonderful sound and the G is a high pitched ear cleaner. I would suggest keeping one patch pure for the D whistle as I would tend to write for it in D and G. Then do a stretched patch to cover the chromatics. Unless it\'s too much work. I\'m sure the Pure notes would be there anyway and you can just use them in the proper key.
    Can\'t wait for my Westgate Woodwinds. Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    Yes that\'s true Jamie. If you want to only play in D, just avoid the other notes.

    I\'ve uploaded another demo of what you can expect from the expanded version.

    This is a scary little sampling of some of the clarinet multi-phonics. Some of the notes used are at their normal pitch while others have been stretched lower to demonstrate how they can be used for clusters and ambient textures or atmospheres.


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    Re: Woodwind Collection (Expanded)

    Hi Tim, will you combine the new samples with the first edition, that is, will you extend the original programming with the new samples? Or will you provide separate Gig files?

    It\'s great stuff already, I\'m really looking forward for the extended version. Any ETA?


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