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Topic: String Trio -- Your Comments Welcomed

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    String Trio -- Your Comments Welcomed

    I welcome your comments regarding this piece. It uses KHSS samples primarily.


    Please let me know if it downloads and that the link works. A friend who uses a Mac could not download this.

    What do people with Macs use to download and play mp3s? Is their a recommended plug-in for Mac users?


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    Re: String Trio -- Your Comments Welcomed

    Marko, I just click and play using safari. ( or right click and download- which I did [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) I\'m fairly certain the same holds true in Explorer.
    Wow. I\'ve said this to you before. Your comps are really enjoyable to me. Bordering on the chaotic, which I love, but there is always some sort of resolution to my ear. It currently sits in itunes next to your other three. Nice work. I would however like to hear what you do with a full orch chugging away. Coming soon?


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    Re: String Trio -- Your Comments Welcomed

    Nice composition Marko..Rich

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    Re: String Trio -- Your Comments Welcomed

    I\'m a big fan of your 3 previous demos. I enjoy your writing. Modern and lyric, definetly my cup of tea but...
    I think your previous mixes were better. This mix is too clean and brite, a little too transparent. Maybe working on your reverb settings might help...

    This is a mixing criticism. The writing is very nice.

    Keep up the good work [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: String Trio -- Your Comments Welcomed

    Thank for listening! And thanks for the Safari tip. I will pass this on to my friend. One of these days I will post an orchestral piece, but I have been distracted with KHSS for a few months.

    Rich Pell,

    Glad you liked the piece. Thanks for listening.

    P de Caumette,

    Thanks for listening!

    Yes. This is much a drier sound. I agree. It may be too bright at points. Recently, I have been working with the KHSS and became accustomed to turning down the reverb more and more and putting the sounds into a smaller space. I think the sound takes some getting used to, but perhaps I have bamboozled myself here. I\'ll have to listen to the piece with the same reverb settings as the previous pieces and see what is enhanced and what is lost.

    The slower part of the pastorale which comes in at about 52 seconds has a character to it that may get lost in a wetter setting.

    Again. Thanks for lending me your ears.


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