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Topic: Q: for Eric Persing Re: Stylus

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    Q: for Eric Persing Re: Stylus

    Eric I\'ve been working with stylus for a couple months now and I LOVE it. All I can say is \"Man, if only I could be half as cool as you!\"

    I do have a couple questions though. 1) can you reveal at all what type of additional libraries you may release for Stylus? I love the loops you\'ve got in there, they rock, but sometimes I need some more basic acoustic stuff you know?

    and 2) Is there anyway you would consider opening stylus up so users could create their own stylus patches? Obviously whatever method you use for slicing loops works great. Like a more refined re-cylcle. If you could sell that as an additional software, and then users could create thier own stylus loops, it\'d be pretty cool.

    I don\'t say that because your loops aren\'t cool, cause they redefine the world of coolness, but your instrument is EQUALLY cool! And it\'d be awesome if we others could enjoy it\'s coolness!

    Thank you much!

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    Re: Q: for Eric Persing Re: Stylus

    Hi J,

    Glad you are digging Stylus so much.....

    Can\'t reveal anything yet of the many wonderful things the future holds for our instruments, but thanks a lot for the feedback...we are always listening.

    all the best,


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