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Topic: Instant Orchestra installation problems

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    Instant Orchestra installation problems


    So, I've just downloaded the IO to a Mac. On opening the folder, there is a pdf of the manual, an "Install IO" icon and another folder with the Aria installer and such.

    I have my serial number, and have generated the keycard (an image now waiting on my desktop).

    The problem is, when I click the Install IO icon, I get taken to a webpage that says "access denied."

    Nothing I do changes this. I've checked the security settings (it's the new Mountain Lion OS, which has some extra security), and have enabled downloads from all developers, not just Apple.

    So, I can't get any further with installation. I've even tried just installing the Aria software first, which works, but I still can't get anything else to proceed.

    What am i missing or doing wrong?


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    Re: Instant Orchestra installation problems

    Ah, I think I see what I was doing wrong. I'll write more if I get stuck...

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    Re: Instant Orchestra installation problems

    Quote Originally Posted by tray View Post
    Ah, I think I see what I was doing wrong. I'll write more if I get stuck...
    Hi, Tray - Just now seeing your posts. Don't only write if you get stuck again - Write to tell people what you were doing wrong. I can't tell from your post what the problem was, but it could be like what other people face - so this thread could be helpful to future visitors if you update it for us. Thanks.


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