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Topic: New Coakley Piano

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    New Coakley Piano

    William Coakley is releasing a new piano (Volume IV) in his Perfect Pianos series: A Steinway D3-59 and a D107. The demo sounds very good. That liquid tone he\'s able to get. He\'s using longer samples now, judging from the sound of the demo. (I\'m not in any way connected with him--I\'ve just played a ZR-76 several times, and like the sound.)

    Has anyone here loaded any his previous volumes into Giga or Kontakt?

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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    Well, I meant to post the link to his site. (I hope I\'m not violating a forum policy.)

    Two of the demos have a sampled string section behind them. The longer demo--the last one, at the bottom of the list--is solo piano with some voice over. It lets you better hear the sound.


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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    No response? Am I the only one who likes the timbre of this piano? Or have people given up on the Perfect Piano series because of its loops and its comparatively small number of layers?

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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    \"I\'m not in any way connected with him...\"

    Well, there\'s probably no responses because even though you say you\'re not affiliated with the developer, your posts (all 3 of them) sure make it look that way. Sorry....

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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    Originally posted by Jake Johnson:
    No response? Am I the only one who likes the timbre of this piano? Or have people given up on the Perfect Piano series because of its loops and its comparatively small number of layers?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The solo piano sounds amazing! I WANT, no I NEED an instrument that sounds that good!


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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    Hi Jake,

    The lack of replies might just be a general malaise on piano discussions?

    From our past conversations, I well know you are a sampled piano expert of sorts who knows how to edit and bring some pretty sorry samples to life.
    I recall trying to get you to recommend a piano for me to buy, and don\'t think you ever mentioned this one. When I get to work tomorrow with a faster line, I\'ll give it a listen, as this must be a pretty exceptional instrument if you\'re interested.

    Also OT, but last time we emailed back and forth you were studying for some huge set of exams. Are you still in school?

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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    Love the sound of this Piano

    Pitty its not in Giga format though.


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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    Sounds very nice.... I agree with Dave, it\'s too bad nothing is mentioned on the website about Giga format because I\'d sure like to add this to my sample library collection. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ...... G.

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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    Joanne--No, I\'m not an expert, although I\'ve learned a lot through this forum. Yes, still in school. Hope the Bardstown is working well for you.

    I hope the people who do know a lot about sampling pianos will weigh in about the Coakley recording, however. I think everyone will agree that the more good pianos, the better, and I do like the sound of this one. Bruce? Micheal? Sam? Franky? Hans?

    It\'s true, though, that pianos don\'t seem to be mentioned in the forum a lot now. That may be good--it means the current libraries are so good that people are using them instead of looking here for new ones.

    On Coakley\'s forum, I posted a question about the details of the new Steinway. (Format, length of samples, price, etc.) No response yet. I did see that it will be available in Halion format. Surely he\'ll release in Kontakt and Giga, too. (Sorry about the multiple posts about this piano earlier. I just thought it was too good a sound to pass over.)

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    Re: New Coakley Piano

    The D359 and D107 Coakley pianos are 250 megs and 128 megs respectively, they use two layers of modeled samples with no pedal down. All notes were sampled but not all are included. It will premier in hardware in the Motiff with other hardware formats to follow. In software... it is currently in Halion 2. Considerations are being given to giga and Kontakt although Kontakt has presented problems for development at this point due to its filing system. Shipping should begin within the next few weeks. The price hasn\'t been set yet because it isn\'t certain just what will end up on the volume.

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