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Topic: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

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    Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    Its been a while since I heard about his and was curious how its coming along? The Malmsjo remains one of my favorite pianos. Would love a Steinway with the warmth and space of the Malmsjo.


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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?


    Thanks for asking! And thanks for your comment about our Malmsjö sample.

    The Art Vista Steinway still has some ways to go before I can even present a new demo. I am aiming for a release towards the end of the year, or at NAMM.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    Yes, I\'m waiting too. And I\'ve just finished listening to one of the best solo piano (Steinway) recordings I\'ve ever heard. Recorded at the Abbey Road studios in 95 of/by Virgin Classics--M. Pletnev playing Scarlatti Sonatas--two cds for 16 bucks CAN. Cheap. Also, happens to be the best Scarlatti I\'ve ever heard, better even than Horowitz\'s famous interpretations.

    Hans, you should listen to the ultra clarity of this amazing recording. We\'ve got a LONG way to go before the quality of this kind of live recording can be matched by sampled pianos. (But I DO think it can be done with folks like Hans working on it.)

    J. Grant

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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    John G...Amazing playing!!really enjoyed yur heartfelt music.i too live in T.O. and have been playing around town for 20 odd years.Just wonder what your favorite piano samples that u`ve heard are..and also Hans..wondering if u`ve come up wih a kontakt version of cool vibes yet [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Or is the giga import good enough.he. he..Rich

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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    How you doin\' Rich?

    Trying to get me to do another conversion? he he..

    People have been asking me about this lately, and I\'ve said I will do the conversion. Can\'t promise when it will get done, though. Too much to do - Too little time... That\'s the eternal problem...

    I think we will have sampled pianos that match the best recordings eventually. It is just a matter of getting access to the best instruments in the best studios...

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    Hans,I`m Good!yea I`m the evil instigator!he he..Looking forward to your next Port or Inst...Best, Rich [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    Hey Rich, Toronto born and raised--one of the few. I\'m NOT happy with my use of the PMI BOS, especially since I picked up this CHEAP Pletnev CD and heard the AMAZING precision of the recorded sound. I dumped all my Steinway B versions of the material at the mp3 site for a BOS version. But WAAAY too much verb on many of the tunes. When and if I ever get my law practice rapped up, and when and if I ever finish renovating my house (I do it ALL myself), then I\'ll have time to improve the shoddy stuff at mp3.com


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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    John Hold on..That first Beethoveen tune on your site wasnt a real piano?BTW Im a purebred Torontonian myself...Rich P.S i need lessons!!

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    Re: Art Vista Steinway - Status?

    yea there is a lot of verb on the piano but i thought is sounded pretty good.If your gonna fix it up,which piano would u replace it with,and just curious what controller are u using.I have a yamaha s80 but im not crazy bout the action..Rich

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