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Topic: [OT] - Help! My MPX-1 crashed!?!

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    [OT] - Help! My MPX-1 crashed!?!

    Hey Guys,

    Something weird happened last week. I have my Lexicon Mpx-1 set up to a standard patch, and usually just turn it on and switch to digital i/o to route stuff through it.
    Weirdly enough, it seems to have crashed. When I turn it on, it goes straight into a utillity screen where I usually make the i/o switch from analog to digital, but it has already switched and sticks to this screen. The levels don\'t show anything, and no buttons can be pushed or dials turned (with a response, anyway).
    But the weirdest thing is..it still works!
    It is stuck in the same patch but this patch works and sounds fine.
    Anybody have any ideas of how to reset this thing?



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    Re: [OT] - Help! My MPX-1 crashed!?!


    To initialize the MPX1, you have to press the System button and use the value button to change to the initialize menu. Then select All and it will set it back to factory presets.

    If you can\'t get to the menus, then you\'ll need to contact customer support. The manual for my mpx1 says the number is 781-280-0300. Troubleshooting section says:

    \"The MPX1 performs a series of self tests each time it is powered on, then displays the MPX1 copyright notice. This should be followed by the display and loading of the last loaded effect. If this sequence does not occur, contact Lexicon Customer Service.\"

    You might also try disconnecting it from the power source for a period of time and then re-connect it and see if that helps.

    -- Martin

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