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Topic: Useful for ....? all about violin

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    Useful for ....? all about violin

    Searching for an answer about that violin example (see other thread) somebody gave me this link:


    [PS that "somebody" thought it was sul tasto]

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    Re: Useful for ....? all about violin

    Veeeeery useful.
    It's for Garritan programmers too: take account of it for a next string library!
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    Re: Useful for ....? all about violin

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62 View Post
    ...somebody gave me this link:

    http://www.stringgallery.com/video-a...hniques Violin

    What a terrific resource you found, Raymond - To have that list of string articulations demonstrated with video clips is really useful to any of us writing for strings. Thanks!


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    Re: Useful for ....? all about violin

    Credits must go to Bernmeister, member of the Overture Forum. He told me that.
    Yes, it is a great collection. Later this evening I will thoroughly study it all.

    [BTW I wasn't notified with email about your answer, Randy]

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    Re: Useful for ....? all about violin

    I bookmarked this!

    I might borrow my younger brother's violin and fiddle around with it when I have more free time.


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