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Topic: Free sampled guitar project

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    Free sampled guitar project

    A few months ago I had this idea to sample my les paul. I still want to go through with the project and create a sampled guitar free for this community. I was looking for ideas for this project. I'm no programmer but I still think I can create something nice.

    I was wanting to sample multiple layers with velocity affecting which sample is played yet not the volume of the sample that way volume could still be controlled via CC1.

    I was hoping to have key switching for hammer on notes as well as harmonics, pull offs, and possibly slides.

    Even though I prefer a thin sounding guitar I figured I would sample the guitar with the pickup switch in the middle. Should I leave the tone knobs down and allow for tone to be changed via filtration and/or EQ?

    I want to do this by Christmas as my contribution to the community. The guitar will be without distortion. There are plenty of fantastic free amp sims.

    Let me know if any of you have any suggestions or requests.

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    Re: Free sampled guitar project

    Dane - This is so great. I remember quite some time ago you mentioned this project - Really glad to hear you're going to move ahead with it - And to have it ready as a Christmas present to the Garritan Community is just a super idea.

    Put me at the top of the list for an eager user. To have a home grown sampled Les Paul in my arsenal would be great. Anybody here who's ever used a guitar in one of their projects, or has contemplated doing that, would surely jump at the chance to get at what you're cooking up.

    Keyswitches for hammer on, harmonics, pull offs, slides - that would be really fine. And your plan to sample the guitar with the pickup in the middle I think is right on. Leaving the tone as neutral as possible is also a good goal, so that can be controlled by the user via EQ.

    I take it you mean to make this an SFZ instrument - I'm no expert, but it was fun looking up SFZ info, looking and learning from the Garritan SFZ files when I put together my huge Autoharp project. I know you can do what you want.

    One piece of input: Multiple layers is really what you want to do to have a more sophisticated, articulated instrument.

    BUT my advice is that you have velocity control the volume instead of CC1. It's so intuitive to have an instrument like a guitar respond to how hard or soft you hit the keys. The percussive instruments, including the piano in GPO respond to classic MIDI velocity controlled volume, and that works so well for those instruments - I feel it's best for guitar too.

    I wanted to double check on something before I wrote this reply. Probably the best and most used sampled guitar in existence is RealStrat made by MusicLab. Its volume is controlled by velocity, and it feels so right when you play it. Just like playing a real instrument, the user can so intuitively control the performance via the keyboard that way - I really feel you need to program your samples that way.

    The user can still have yet more volume control via CC7 when needed. But otherwise, to get really organic guitar tracks, volume via velocity will make it sing best.

    In any case - THANKS for putting this together. There's some work involved, but it'll be a really fun project - I know from experience. so go for it. I'm really looking forward!

    EDIT: I meant to say that to record the samples clean is Definitely what you want to do. Users can then process the signal however they want, with sim amps, distortion, phasing - whatever they want to do.

    AND - this may not be as possible, since I see that even RealStrat doesn't have this - but it would be so great if you could include some keyswitch samples, or upper octave samples, of some feedback sounds. Even though you're doing clean samples, to have that great feedback whine can be one of the more difficult things for MIDI musicians to simulate. Just a thought - hmmm, don't know how it would be done really, since feedback involves overtones of a given pitch center. Hmm, anyway.


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    Re: Free sampled guitar project

    The thing I like best about the Real Guitar instruments is that they translate the chords I play on my MIDI keyboard to the correct voicing for the guitar.

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    Re: Free sampled guitar project

    Hey thanks for the suggestions Randy. I'll use velocity to control the volume then if that's your suggestion. I guess that does make sense since you can't really crescendo the sound on a guitar. (You can with a volume knob but I never have when playing live.)

    This is going to be my Sunday project. I'm gonna start with sampling regular notes. I'll compile it and then do some quick testing. Then I'll go ahead recording slides and do the same followed by palm mutes and harmonics. I'm really hoping to have this finished by Christmas but I'll post what I have when Dec 25th comes around. I'll start today and post my progress as I go.


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