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Topic: Solo String Library?

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    Solo String Library?

    What is considered by the many learned forum members, to be the best solo strings library?
    I am still using Dan Dean, which is great for its time, but I need an update.
    Gary - you working on anything to complement my GOS?
    I see Kirk Hunter is reasonably popular? Anyone care to comment?

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    Re: Solo String Library?

    Kirk Hunter made an excellent solo string set. VSL is also very good. If you don\'t have that collection, buy the strings only. You will get a harp too!

    X-sample has some solo strings too. I still use those every now and then. They have three dynamic layers. The sustain patches are on separte discs, but are non-vibrato only. A cello with vibrato is on another disc which has three dynamic splits too.

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    Re: Solo String Library?

    Another vote for Kirk Hunter. Still in beta, some of the patches are a little \'off\', but overall, so beautiful! For $249, it\'s totally worth it!


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