X-TREME VSL Support + EXS24

Besides sharp pricing and free ground delivery in the US, Truespec Systems now has the BEST support for those who order the Vienna Symphonic Library from us. This includes:

(1) bonus .art files

(2) quick start PDFs on the Alternation tool

(3) Alternation tool templates

(4) soon to be released quick setup templates

(5) soon to be released quick start support on the Repetition tool

(6) in person customer support in LA

(7) phone support for customers outside LA

(8) The ONLY Giga DAWs with 3-year onsite servicing and free parts replacement with normal use on the main computer, including delivery and setup in the Greater LA area (we also have systems ready for the EW/QLSO)

(9) Top quality studio furniture

(10) orchestration texts endorsed by winners of both the Academy and Emmy Awards

Truespec VSL customers have already received harp gliss .art files and MIDI packets, and quick start training on the Alternation tool. This week, our customers will get templates and extra Alternation tool quick starts. At no extra charge.

The EXS 24 MkII version is now shipping. Ask us about side licensing options for both EXS and Giga libraries.

All the best,