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Topic: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

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    Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    OK, I followed Bruce\'s advice in this thread:


    I took off all staccatos on the 5th beat, to reduce the \"Mission Impossible\" syndrome that this piece has. I think the most problematic part was the very beginning, because that\'s where people hear the resemblance. So there are times when the other instruments are doing their thing, and I put the 5th beat staccs back in.

    (url removed -- see below)

    I faded out where the piece was untouched, and then fade back in at the end where it goes back to the main theme, just so you can hear the differences.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    To paraphrase the greatest porcine movie ever...\"that\'ll do Sam... that\'ll do\" I\'m very happy about tubas new friends. It\'s, how shall I say? Thicker, no? (Yeah, I\'m down with all of todays musical nomenclature) Sounds good man. Clients should be pleased.

    good luck sir


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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    Thanks Christian

    Some have said it sounds too empty now. I\'m going to try to fill in the spaces somehow.. will post again later

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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    MDesigner, I think that the tubas would sound better 8va higher. If you don\'t want that, do you have bassoon available? If yes, then you could use it to reinforce the bass.

    It\'s true that there\'s some cap in your orchestration (could be the mix too?) which needs to be filled (IMO).

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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"


    Everybody says \"tuba\" but sounds like bass trombone to me.... what library are you using for the tuba? If you mentioned it, I missed it in the thread.

    Anyway,as for the MI theme, I know what its like to sound too much like something else. Sounds like its shaping up nicely- you\'re a talented dude!

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    Hi Sam,

    I think that helped out quite a bit.

    Personally, I\'d take all of the beat 5 chords out, but at the very least, I would take them out anywhere there is not melodic action, i.e., when you\'re vamping. There was one place remaining in the excerpt you posted where I immediately had a \"mission impossible moment.\"

    I am not sure you need to fill those holes. Most of them are already filled with something, either percussion, another transitional voice, or a reverb tail. Since this is game music, you can probably count on some nice machine guns, spattering blood, rolling heads, etc., to fill the gaps.

    Picture, dialog, and foley must also have \"room\" in the final product. What tends to happen is that your music gets mixed \"down\" when it fills too much space, but if you leave plenty of space, it tends to get mixed much hotter (which makes me much happier, for sure). I have to constantly remind myself of this, because I am a notorious gap-filler, haha.

    Anyway, however you end up polishing the final product, I think the new version is much more removed from MI. Hopefully, the client will see it the same way. Congratulations again on your success.

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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    MDesigner, I hate to be a pain but I believe that the beat/rhythm isn\'t the problem. It\'s rather that you use similar chord progression on this beat/rhythm.

    If you would, for example, just have one chord on this rhythm figure you wouldn\'t get the same MI feeling. Maybe you should try that too?

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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    Whoa, loads of replies. Thanks for the help, guys, I really appreciate it. As I may have said earlier, I\'ve been submerged so long into this piece, it\'s hard for me to determine when it does or doesn\'t sound like MI.

    Carl: Thanks for the positive comments! The tuba is Advanced Orchestra, unfortunately.

    Sharmy: It\'s not really a legal issue. It\'s just the client being picky about it and saying \"it sounds too much like MI, change it.\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    falcon: You\'re not being a pain.. your input is helpful. And actually, I think you\'re right on. Everyone\'s been trying to pin what makes it similar to MI.. maybe the rhythm, maybe this, maybe that. Then last night, my girlfriend\'s friend stumbles in from a party (drunk), and says \"man, you gotta change the bass line.. but that means you\'re gonna have to change everything.\" Bingo! Leave it to a wasted fellow to hit the nail on the head. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] So you\'re right, falcon, I think it was not only the rhythm, but also the chord progression. This might take more work than I originally thought.

    I\'m starting to hate this piece, hearing it over and over and over... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    I think this just might be it:


    Opinions, please?

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    Re: Project "de-Mission-Impossible-ize"

    I think it sounds much better this way. Didn\'t get to hear the one in-between, but I\'m guessing this one is better than that one.

    Hope they like it! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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