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Topic: Dan Dean, etc now loads

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    Dan Dean, etc now loads

    WEll, I finally got my problem fixed, but I\'m not EXACTLY sure what does it. I reinstalled my OS, and now the libraries will load. I went into tweaking out the OS as per the usual guides of what services you need and don\'t need, and got back to the crashing and not loading again.

    Herein lies the problem; I\'m not sure exactly WHICH service I shut off that killed Giga with the larger libraries, and started the Stop 0x76 error codes. Does anyone know specifically which service might do such a thing? Might be helpful to others for us to know exactly which one. I already wasted over 6 hours yesterday to get to a useable point from numerous reinstalls. I\'d like to figure it out, but wondered if anyone else has seen this before, and prefer not to spend another 6 hours figuring out which stupid service I stopped killed my machine for Giga.


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    Re: Dan Dean, etc now loads


    I doubt anyone here would be able to diagnose your problem without a lot more information (like what changes you made). However, it is VERY easy (though time consuming) for you to find out the answer yourself. Instead of making all the modifications to the OS at once, make them one at a time. When your libraries quit loading, that was the one that caused it. Then (if possible) go back and re-enable that and continue one by one with the other changes. If it is not possible, reinstall the OS yet another time, and this time do not disable or remove the one that caused the problem.

    I do computer support and programming for a living, and that is exactly the method I would use if I had a problem I could not solve quickly by using my experience.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Dan Dean, etc now loads

    Well, I could do that, but the amount of time of doing this... I might spread it over time like try one thing after every day or something, but I was hoping someone else has ran across this. I\'ve pretty much done the suggested tweaks from www.blkviper.com and the like. I have the same tweaks done on my other computer, and it works fine, and heck, this machine had XP on it before with the same tweaks, and it ran fine as well.

    BTW - I do tech support for a living on high end storage equipment, so I\'m quite familiar with the \'remove oen thing and try again\' process. It\'s just time consuming. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] going to talk to Tascam this week again and see if they know anything specific.


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