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Topic: Forte sample player

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    Forte sample player

    Anybody tried this? (I can\'t, still running Win98)

    Forte Description

    Forte is a sample player optimized for ultra high-quality emulation of grand pianos! Armed with this, a Midi keyboard and a file of piano samples (available from many sources) you can play what sounds just like a grand piano, with all the nuances of dynamics, expression, pedal operation, and a whopping 160 voices of polyphony. Of course it plays other instruments as well (in fact, any instrument you have a compatible sample file of) but piano emulation is where it really shines.

    Some of the unique features of Forte are:

    160 voices of polyphony (possibly limited by the capabilities of your PC)

    Plays \"gig\" (giga format) files - the most common format for very high quality samples

    Handles up to 32 layers, including pedal-up and pedal-down layers, and release-triggered samples

    Handles sustain pedal, including “half-damper” position

    High-quality reverb with settings for room size, reverb amount and reverb damping

    Implements a “head model” of the human head, in order to produce a much more realistic sound when you are listening with headphones

    Optional limiter for higher effective volume with minimal clipping


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    Re: Forte sample player

    It doesn\'t work...go figure.

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    Re: Forte sample player

    Hi Jim,

    No good information for you on this, but wanted to say hi.

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    Re: Forte sample player

    And at the very least it should work under Windows 98.

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    Re: Forte sample player

    I have got it working. It turns out you need to set the Asio buffer setting to 512.
    Very easy, rather limited interface. It loaded my LE version of the PMI Bosendorfer 290 without a problem.
    This is a very cheap way to be able to play Gig files.

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    Re: Forte sample player

    Thanks Michiel, I couldn\'t get a peep out of Forte, but after I read your post I set my card to 512 et voila! sound.

    Unfortunately, the piano played back scaled in a truly bizarre manner, so my guess is that they still have a ways to go with their conversion.

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    Re: Forte sample player

    Thanks to all for the comments. We\'ve updated Forte already (1.0a) to better deal with:
    - the buffer size restriction in the M-Audio cards
    - selection of any instrument in the sample file
    - using the correct velocity scaling as specified in the sample file

    The new version is available at www.coyotes.bc.ca/Forte1aE.exe in case anyone wants to try the \"new improved\" version.


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    Re: Forte sample player

    I\'m still on Win 98, so I wasn\'t able to use the download. Still, I\'m curious:

    Does it support release samples?

    Are there any plans to make this connect this to a sequencer, as a VSTI or some other way? A small program that plays Giga files is a real breakthrough. The problem NI and VSampler have with playing Gigs is that they must decompress the samples, so you end up with both the .gig file and the wave files on your hard disk. If there were a way to connect Forte to sequencers, (and to control parameters like ADSR and filters) this would be a very serious tool.

    Looks as though I may be upgrading to Win2000 soon, regardless...

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    Re: Forte sample player

    Yes, Forte supports release samples. And it does the decompression on the fly, so it doesn\'t create WAV files from the gig file.

    We\'ve got no immediate plans to make it into a plugin, but we\'re considering that (and other interconnection strategies) for the medium-term.

    Coyote Electronics

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