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Topic: a new demo, tips please...

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    a new demo, tips please...

    Hello all. Just want to start by saying thanks for all the tips I\'ve gotten here on my stuff in the past. In the end it\'s the closest thing to schooling I\'ve got available. Just listening to all your posts is extremely helpful let alone being able to get some critiques from people whose work I admire.

    Since everything I seem to write ends up sounding \"songy\" I made a concious effort to break it up a bit and came up with this, something I hope is a bit more in the vein of \"scorey\". In particular I\'m looking for some eq-mixing tips as I\'m not sure if my monitors are giving me a representative feel. anyway...


    by the way thanks to the Nordic King of Funk, Tob! I could never seem to get an aggressive enough \"CRACK\' ,so anything punchy, clangy, boomy and thumpy is thanks to him! Thank you Tobias!

    thanks all


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    Re: a new demo, tips please...


    Good stuff! Nice and suspenseful. I am getting some possible distortion at 0:47 and 0:56 though, and it sounds like some compression/limiting at 0:40. Maybe I\'m just hearing things. But at 0:47/0:56 I hear a sort of crackling sound. Composition-wise though, this works well and yes, it does sound \"scorey.\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: a new demo, tips please...


    Overall, I enjoyed listening to the piece but I think there are some areas that you can improve it.

    First, I think you would benefit from the \"less is sometimes more\". This is something I need work on too. What I mean by this is there are some aspects that sound overused and lose their impact because of it. Examples of this are the anvil, the horn clusters, etc. I think you should save them for the moment they are needed or to surprise the listener.

    Second, the strings don\'t seem to fit for me. Something about the way they are used just sounds like you are more of a melody writer who is using avant guard samples instead of thinking that way. Perhaps try using strings that aren\'t sustain samples but are more of the effects, you know? mutes, bartock snaps, harmonics, etc.

    Good effort though and I think the mastering is pretty good.

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