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Topic: Denormal VSTi Problem Stylus ?

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    Denormal VSTi Problem Stylus ?

    I am using Stylus, Atmosphere and Trilogy on a current track and getting a denormal spike of about 20-30% when playing has stopped.
    I have pinpointed i have 2 of 4 stylus running that seems to be the issue (first and last VSTi) out of 10 running.

    i have tried to take them out of the chain put them in another instrument slot etc to no avail....when i disable them the cpu goes back to the normal state, also i am not lloking to print tracks yet, i need this to function as it should. thanx for any assistance!

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    Re: Denormal VSTi Problem Stylus ?

    This affects only a few P4 systems for some strange reason, but we have fixed it and those versions will be posted in the coming weeks.

    Should solve your problem.

    All the best,


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    Re: Denormal VSTi Problem Stylus ?

    thnx spectrum,

    i ended up placing the 2 stylus instruments via fx teleport and everything was fine.......still this denormal bug is a pain in the **** thnx for all of your on going support and attention.


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    Re: Denormal VSTi Problem Stylus ?

    Actually i take that back..........
    Stylus via fx teleport also results in denormal spikes...

    pathces used....
    Hi-hat menu 1
    90bpm Groove Menu 2

    this does not happen on all patches just certain ones.
    or maybe after editing them..... not sure...

    thnx capy

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