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Topic: My new website...

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    My new website...

    Hi there everyone, I\'ve just finished building my website at http://www.dougberwick.com. Any comments would be very welcome. All the music was recorded with GOS, DDBE, DDSB, DDSW, DDSS, LOP, SOV, Ultimate Timps, Giga Harp, and a little bit of the Advanced Orchestra library. Cheers, Doug.

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    Re: My new website...

    You\'re quite skilled at orchestration! Bravo. Please note that you have a typo in the post that you just wrote: you have a period at the end of your domain that is not needed - I had to edit it out in order to get to your website. One piece of advice with which you can do what you want: perhaps we should get to your home page faster, instead of having to click on two different \'enter\' buttons. Just my two cents. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: My new website...

    [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] ops! I just realised that the \'typo\' I mentioned is actually just the end of your sentence! Too bad my browser doesn\'t know that. Please disregard that comment then...

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    Re: My new website...

    Thanks for your comments guys, I don\'t know if there\'s any way I can accomodate 56k streaming better (unless I reduce the bitrate of the mp3, which I don\'t really want to do). Ned, on the opening page there is a \"click here to skip introduction\" button at the bottom left of the screen so you can bypass the fanfare. Anyway thanks again. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My new website...

    Nice style for the site. I didn´t love having the black surrounded by white, though.

    I use to favour sites which allow for downloaded music rather than streaming. I like having demos from people around here and hear them for time to time.

    Also, I don´t like the \"contact\" link to directly open my mail app. I prefer another page which gives me that option plus having other info such as adress, phone number, etc...

    I also think that it´s a very nice idea to have the blurred score on the background, but it should just be blurred, not blurred AND pixelated.

    But it´s a very nice site. I wish the best of lucks for you as a composer. This site will stand up to it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My new website...

    I really enjoyed listening to your music. I also liked that bit that you did for the Sleepless in Seattle clip.

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    Re: My new website...

    Page can\'t be found?

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    Re: My new website...

    Try http://www.dougberwick.com/

    As for the site I have to wonder why it was developed in Flash? To be honest I find the background fade-in distracting an it adds little to the site. A nice flat clean design would serve you better.

    Flash has its place but alot of Flash sites ot there would be better off being written in HTML.

    Cool music clips though.

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    Re: My new website...

    Hello, I like the music!

    May I inquire on what you use for your music?

    The strings sound very nice, and so does the percussion....my guess would be SISS with either LOP or VSL percussion. The woods are nice too....is it all VSL?

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    Re: My new website...

    I think you\'re right Joe, the fade in thing is a little repetitive, I\'ll look into changing that. The reason why it wasn\'t written in HTML though is because I don\'t know how! It was all done in Swish which is REALLY easy to use. Midphase, all the strings are GOS with a little bit of DDSS thrown in here and there. The woodwinds and brass are a combination of DDBE, DDSW and DDSB. The percussion is LOP, Ultimate Timps, Gigaharp. The piano is Steinberg\'s The Grand.

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