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Topic: Orchestral little arrange with sonic implants

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    Orchestral little arrange with sonic implants

    Well , i delete the link..couse the problems with it..ths to the people who post a reply. There are great replys..i try to improve my composition in order to get more realistic results.. Thx again and grats for this forum...is a reallly nice place.

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    Re: Orchestral little arrange with sonic implants

    Hey Armidas. Welcome to Northern. Your link does not work so I had to copy/paste to get to your song. You have to make it as easy as possible for people to click on your song if you want to get some replies. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    While there are certainly some nice things happening in the orchestration your mix needs some work. Bathe that guy in some reverb! When your samples cut off they really cut off! No decay, natural or otherwise. It makes your piece sound very staccato and harsh. Once you lay in some verb you may still have a few mixing issues but less than you have now. I do like the composition though. Bring it back with a link and I\'m sure you\'ll get some tips from those much wiser than I !!


    how\'s Spain this time of year?

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    Re: Orchestral little arrange with sonic implants

    (armidas\'s piece, linkified)

    Really nice stuff, armidas. Just watch the mod wheel on those strings, it sounds a bit jumpy. At 0:06, the strings get a little quieter suddenly, and the decrescendo at 0:11 is so sudden, it sounds like someone is turning the volume knob down quickly. Make it more gradual. 0:14 through 0:19 is really kickass, I love it. I suppose it sounds ridiculous commenting on a 5-second section of a piece, but some chords with the right instruments just really hit the \"that was cool\" nerve. If I were you, I\'d delay the eerie stuff you have after 0:19 and continue with that really nice Gmaj->Gmin chord progression you\'ve got going, and put a nice horn section coming out of that timpani crescendo, playing a \"D\". But that\'s just me.

    That\'s probably more info than you wanted though.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Please post again when you\'ve finished this piece, I\'d love to hear the final result.

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