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Topic: MidiOverLan...Need Help!

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    MidiOverLan...Need Help!

    Ok guys,

    I\'m know this has been asked a lot, but I\'m having some problems. Exactly how do I run my samples over LAN? I\'ve mapped the drive to my other GIG folder on the 2nd comp which is the G:\\. It even shows up as an option to scan from my Quickscan Database in Gigastudio. Well, it scans my main GIG drive (F:\\), and then the G:\\....but there\'s nothing in the folder. Note, I am directly mapping to the GIG folder, so it would be G:\\sample.gig. What am I doing wrong? All other applications, file sharing, etc works fine. Please help. Thanks.


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    Re: MidiOverLan...Need Help!

    Hi, if I understand right you are trying to shared,another Drive \"G\",in a second PC \"2\", From one other \"1\". All Via Giga.
    You Want that Giga In pc1, Detects the Samplers in Drive G in pc2. you CAN´t Do that \"i think\".

    With Midioverlan, you can control secuence,one Giga alocated in pc2(Midi-From), From a Secuencer in Pc1(Midi-to).
    Hope helps you.
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    Re: MidiOverLan...Need Help!

    Your title, MidiOverLan, is misleading, since your question has nothing to do with MIDIOverLan.

    QuickSound doesn’t support network drives, so gig files don’t show up, just the mapped drive letters. Just double click in a GS channel to bring up a File Open dialog, and navigate where you will. Alternately, you can drag gigs in from the Windows Explorer.

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    Re: MidiOverLan...Need Help!

    Sorry, it was misleading. I already got it figured out through private messaging. I had heard someone running samples from a remote machine, but he must\'ve meant through the sequencer, not Gigastudio\'s Quicksound. Thanks, and sorry for my idiocy on this topic. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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