I'm looking for a good orchestral/band C piccolo sample. The one from Instruments for Finale is failing me - notes around and above a high D are noticeably weaker and absolutely inaudible in ensemble score, even with exaggerating dynamics and fooling with the studio view volume controls for the channel in Finale. The sound plays, and I'm happy with the rest of the range. From a musical perspective, say you're in one dynamic. A high C is a nice mf - I can work with that if I need more. A C#? not much difference, but not as strong. D-E I would call a p, and F a pianississimo. That high F is vital to the chord and excitement in my piece. It's not even that high for a piccolo :/ Any samples you'd recommend?

The consistent sounding range I would need would be a G6 to F7 - that key note I mentioned, and very preferably up to a Bb, since I could use that in marches as well. If it hasn't great quality below G6 I could score that part for flute instead.

Summary: looking for a piccolo sample with a strong sound upwards from C7. Garritan Instruments for Finale piccolo isn't cutting through ensemble at this range.