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Topic: Sample Conversion question...

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    Sample Conversion question...

    Hi all, I have the SOV library that has already undergone one conversion from Akai to Giga.

    I am now thinking of converting much of this lib into Kontakt. Does anyone know if the samples suffer any way (e.g. sound quality) in file conversion?

    Would I be better off to grab my original Akai samples and convert them to Kontakt? It would be easier to convert the Giga files as they are already on my samples drive.

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Re: Sample Conversion question...


    Why not try a \"patch\" from giga to Kontact, and then from Akai to Kntact?

    Then A/B them and see if you can hear a difference.

    I know this dosen\'t answer your question, but maybe you\'ll find out something in the process, and can let us know as well.

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    Re: Sample Conversion question...

    The samples shouldn\'t suffer from conversion...the conversion is all about the mapping. The raw material just gets carried over into the new format unchanged (or sometimes in the case of AKAI, interleaved into stereo from dual-mono, but still \"unchanged\").

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    Re: Sample Conversion question...

    Thanks Guys.

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    Re: Sample Conversion question...

    Just one thing. The conversion AKAI->GIGA then GIGA->Kontakt is bad, because then the veolcity layers will be damaged somehow.

    I have converted the library to Kontakt already, and there\'s no problem. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    The AKAI->Kontakt conversion needs more handwork IMHO! Btw. only things cause problems by the conversion: if the stereo sample has different loop point on the left and the right channel.

    Best regards,

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