There is one thing I think guitarists out there who trigger omnisphere with a guitar synth would find really useful. A global pitch bend setting. At the moment every patch has its own pitch bend setting with the default at 2 for up bends and 2 for down bends. Guitarists need it to be set to 12 up and down to get a one to one pitch correlation with string bending and vibrato. Its not a big deal to change that on any given patch. But when I'm looking for new sounds in the browser, I really wish I could have every patch set to +/- 12 pitch bend because its often the only way I tell if a patch really works well with the guitar. So maybe a global overide tick box in system settings, if ticked you can set a global pitch bend which will affect all patches. Then within a patch a tick box for "over-ride global setting" if you want to over ride it for a given patch.

I don't know how many guitarists triggering omni with their guitars there are so I realise this might be too much of a specialist request.

Thanks for listening anyway.