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Topic: Problems with Spectrasonics plugs

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    Problems with Spectrasonics plugs

    I\'m running logic 6 on Mac OS 9. It\'s an older G4 with tons of RAM and by using freeze tracks it\'s getting me by fine. But because it is slower, from time to time I don\'t freeze the tracks before it overloads my system. Well everytime my system tells me it\'s too slow, all of my Spectrasonics plugs loose their patch selections and I have to unload them, then reload them, and then scroll through and find my sounds again. Anybody else have a similar problem and know how to fix it? Thanks!


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    Re: Problems with Spectrasonics plugs

    Reduce your number of undos to as low as possible, make sure your RAM isn\'t assigned too high to Logic (250mb is plenty) and turn auto backup to 10 backups or higher.

    The lost preset thing at overloads is a Logic issue that has to do with it running too low on system RAM...make sure your backups are numerous and often and that way you won\'t lose anything.


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    Re: Problems with Spectrasonics plugs

    Thanks Eric for the reply. I\'ve done all those things, except with the Logic RAM, I\'ve allotted way more. I\'ve given it almost 500 Megs for 2 reasons 1) the manual that comes with all your plug ins tells me to add more for each instance I want to use, and 2) if I don\'t add more (only go with 250) I can\'t get all my samples loaded in other plugs like battery, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Problems with Spectrasonics plugs

    500 is really too high. Our plugs and EXS24 use free (unassigned) system RAM to load the samples, and Battery probably is the opposite and uses assigned RAM...so that\'s a connundrum.

    Try to find a medium where everybody is happy....or use OSX where that stuff is managed automatically.


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