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Topic: New: Universal Patch Finder

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    New: Universal Patch Finder

    Hello guys, If you're an audio library addict, you will certainly like my new freeware: Universal Patch Finder.
    This software is intended to index all your audio libraries to perform quick search and preview of any patch
    (REX,Kontakt,WAV,AIFF). Works in standalone or as VST. The software include a "Wallpaper Editor" to create
    your own artwork for each libraries.


    like usual, it's free. have fun.

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    Re: New: Universal Patch Finder

    Thank you so much!!

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    Re: New: Universal Patch Finder

    Quote Originally Posted by mbud6 View Post
    Thank you so much!!
    I'm working on next release with stuff like this:
    - ability to tag patches
    - plugin system to auto tag

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    Re: New: Universal Patch Finder

    the v1.2 is out.

    now universal patch finder provide a complete tagging system.

    you can also tag automatically any patch with plug-ins.

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    Re: New: Universal Patch Finder

    What a brilliant idea - fantastic..


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