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Topic: The storm

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    The storm

    Hopefully you all get well thru this coming storm. Some of you still suffer from the last one with flooded basements, loss of precious goods (and scores), and worse maybe some friends and/or relatives in distress. Let that not happen this time, please.

    My thoughts are with all of you who live on the east-coast.


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    Re: The storm

    Thoughts from me as well. I hope everyone will be okay.

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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    Re: The storm

    One east coast Forum member I've been in contact with is Frank D'Erasmo. With no power, he was temporarily able to be online via a long extension cord strung from his neighbor who apparently has a generator - I helped Frank get his Christmas CD submission to Dan. He said a tree in his yard broke apart in pieces, twice just narrowly missing his roof as it fell! He's using gas to cook and has supplies, was in good spirits -

    What a catastrophe - Hopefully the rest of our Forum members on the east coast are doing as well as Frank while our President and local authorities do the best they can in all the rescue efforts!


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